Friday, August 13, 2010

Marie And Michelle

At a time when most Americans have clearly felt the impact of our
downtrodden economy and many people have had to pare down or even
forego their own summer vacations, the ignoble First Lady of the Far
Left Wing is spending her days in sunny Marbella, Spain.
Reserving between 60 and 70 rooms at the posh Villa Padierna, at
the exorbitant cost of $2500 a room per day, Michelle Obama and
forty of her closest friends are living well and apparently living it
up at the expense of the already way overburdened American tax payers.

If raising my voice in opposition to this flagrant display of
wealth, at a time when we have been told by our president that We, the
American people, have to tighten our belts and make “sacrifices” in
our daily living while Washington DC reeks of kickbacks and collusion;
when our ruined Gulf Coast fishing industry might never recover from
the massive oil spill, when people who have worked hard all their
lives are losing their jobs left and right, when honorable vets are
being denied housing by the Bureau of Veterans Affairs and are forced
into homelessness on the street, makes me stand in unison with other
angry and throughly disgusted Americans,like those of the Tea Party
Movement, or even risks me being called a racist, which is what the
liberal establishment is so quick to call a person like me who so
dares to criticize our president and his wife, then so be it!
The New York Daily News recently compared Michelle Obama to Marie
An uncanny likeness, perhaps? Or, more like prophetic speech?
“Let them eat cake!” cried the contemptuous Queen of France before
the starving masses.
Words, like actions, are powerful, and those flung so carelessly
were enough to seal her fate.
And we all know what happened to Marie Antoinette.

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