Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Time To Send The UN Packing

As I watched the memorial news coverage of the events of 9/11, the sight of the stricken World Trade Center towers crumbling into huge clouds of dust, seeing the Pentagon on fire and hearing the anguished voices of the doomed passengers on hijacked airliners in their final moments on earth will always invoke a deep sense of outrage and disbelief within me. I will never stop wondering how this could happened here in America and if this tragic day might have been avoided.
I can also never forget that while most of the world reached out to us that day in sympathy, there were people dancing in the streets of Cairo, Egypt and Ramallah, the hometown of the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip, rejoicing at our terrible loss. In fact, the late Yassir Arafat was heard speaking on Arab radio praising as heroes the murderous cowards who slammed planes into buildings and killed our people. Yet, the venomous diatribe spewing out of the mouth of the wily desert jackal apparently did not convince our State Department to stop giving him even more money to kill Israelis, or school little Arab children in the ABC’s of murder and mayhem. But that’s another story for another day.
During this sad anniversary week, I am yet further reminded that we are the host country to a corrupt entity that readily panders to the sinister cause of devils like Arafat, as well as these above mentioned revelers, men and women with the same twisted mindset who cheered the wholesale slaughter of thousands of my fellow Americans on that clear September morning eight years ago today. In fact, there is more anti-American sentiment coming out of the United Nations than ever came out the PLO terrorist training camps in Syria and Lebanon, as well as the Gaza Strip.
According to Lars Hedegaard of the International Free Press Society, the 56- nation, Organization of the Islamic Conference is pressing their influence on the UN to pass an international law criminalizing criticism or blasphemy of religion.
“In 2008, the Organization of the Islamic Conference laid out a ten year plan for suppression of free speech and for the introduction of laws that would prevent criticism of religions and the reading of Islam,” reports Hedegaard.
While further researching this matter, I discovered that this 'resolution' only applies to the purported, ‘criticism or blasphemy’ of Islam. Although we are guaranteed the right to free speech in this country under our Constitution, in the way it was originally written by our Founding Fathers, I am concerned about this worldwide edict's possible effect on America. Contrary to our reigning Commander-In Chief’s revisionist spin on history last spring while schlepping around Turkey, at the beginning of Holy Week no less, we were and still are a nation founded under the Judeo-Christian influence of the Holy Bible, not the Koran.

Unfortunately,the Organization of Islamic Conference’s resolution has already been felt in Europe where a member of the Dutch Parliament, Geert Wilders, is currently on trial, accused of ‘inciting hate’ against the Islamic religion. In his film, Fitna Wilders exposed the radical agenda of Muslims which includes advocating acts of terrorism, anti-Semitism, violence against women and homosexuals, and the conquering of western civilization through worldwide Jihad, or Holy War.
In a related matter, the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s 10 year plan seemed to have neatly coincided with the outgoing Bush Administration’s decision to scrap the words, “War on Terror” and “Islamic terrorism” in favor of less discriminating phrases such as “insurgents” or “violent Southeast Asian youths.” The short term memory of our government leaders appalls me. Were many of us not helpless, heart-stricken witnesses to our fellow Americans given the equally fatal choices of jumping out of windows or burning to death in the twin towers? Were we not all eavesdroppers, listening in with a mixed sense of shock and disbelief to a young man’s conversation as he sat trapped on a doomed airliner, calling his mother to say goodbye? Did we not cringe with absolute horror at the sound of people screaming for help as they burned alive inside the wreckage of the Pentagon? What kind of sick scrabble game is our government playing here? Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers had ties to Saudi Arabia. Yet, shortly after this day of terrible tragedy, when every American citizen was grounded from air flight, the members of Osama Bin Ladin’s family staying here were given a free ride home compliments of the US State Department!
Everyone was upset when President Obama recently bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia, yet what about President Bush adhering to the Saudi ‘peace plan’ between Israel and the Palestinians? Saudi Arabia does not even recognize Israel’s right to exist!
America has always been a beacon of hope and democracy for the entire world.
Most of us descend from the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”
Our ancestors brought with them their ethnic heritage and different religions, their hopes and their dreams, but the one vision they all seemed to share was to be a part of the great freedom experiment called America. Our great-grandparents and grandparents proudly placed their hands over their hearts and became legal American citizens. They learned how to speak English in order to become more productive members of and contribute positively to our society. They proudly learned to say our Pledge of Allegiance and to salute our flag. They served with honor and pride in our military. America and being an American became their whole way of life. And although many were not Christians, they were able to come here and worship in relative peace and security.
Unfortunately today, there is an element among the wave of new immigrants coming to American shores who are deliberately choosing not to assimilate into our culture. They feel offended if someone wants them to learn to speak English and refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance or salute our flag. They are being allowed to live here in isolated enclaves unencumbered by our laws, and yet are able to impose their religious laws, often trampling the rights guaranteed to all Americans under the Constitution. Truth be told, they have not come here for any other reason but to wage, Jihad, or Holy War against us. Meanwhile, the liberal news media and career politicians hungry for creating new voting blocs look the other way, while those who stand up and speak the truth are dismissed as kooks and crazy conspiracy theorists, or labeled as racists.
In the field of public education, there are many people so througly tainted by political correctness that they seem to automatically succumb to these new immigrants' often ludicrous demands for recognition. In Minnesota, for example, these new immigrants were allowed to have Jell-O removed from public school lunch menus. A group of Muslims claimed to be offended by the dessert being included on the menu because of the pork base in the gelatin. Jews also abstain from eating pork for religious reasons and yet, I’ve never heard of any Jewish group freaking out over Jell-O being served in the school cafeteria.
The common sense answer to this would simply be don't eat the Jell-O! It seems more and more intellectual members of our society, especially those emerging from the liberal circles of Ivy League academia are throwing their common sense out the window along with their dignity and self-respect.
In another recent incident in Minnesota, a young man who suffered from epileptic seizures was doing post graduate field work in a high school. He brought with him to classes a specially trained dog to assist him. However, because Islam teaches that dogs are unclean animals, Muslims students attending the same school complained that they were offended by the dog's presence. These students also surrounded the young man and threatened to kill his dog! Naturally this distraught young man complained about the threats to his university. However, instead of investigating the incident, school officials just issued him the needed credits and sent him on his way. Furthermore, the high school did not even bother to reprimand the students who had threatened to kill this man’s guide dog! Their excuse was that "we must be tolerant towards the belief systems of those from other cultures.” The true meaning of the word, Tolerance, means to be fair and objective, not biased and cowardly! To allow the rights of those whose religion permits the practice of cruelty towards animals to triumph over the rights of a disabled man is indeed a terrible injustice. These school administrators are more worried about losing their standing in their communities, (not to mention their exorbitant salaries) then standing up and doing what's right.
How much more of this politically correct lunacy and general acquiescence on the part of liberal derelicts towards those that hate us are we Americans going to take? It’s high time for all of us, whether natural or foreign born, who love and believe in this country and cherish our God-given freedom to stand up and fight back! And the first order of the day is to remove the parasitic United Nations from our land. I've heard Tehran and Pyongyang have vacancies.

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