Friday, November 11, 2011

A Soldier's Prayer Veteran's Day 2011

Tall and straight he bore his weapon
With his boots in steady beat,
Stepping proudly with his unit
Down the sunlit city street.
Brave lad chanting with the footsteps,
Neither looking left or right,
Following the Nation's banner
Straight into the endless light.

To a land of strife and battle
Far across the wide blue sea
He has gone to help the people
Who are struggling to be free
In the sultry heat of the swampland
In the insect-ridden mire
He has grown as tough as leather
And his heart is full of fire.

Now he sees his buddies falling
One by one they meet their doom
While the rockets light the Heavens
Sadness shrouds his heart with gloom
Like an old man bent and weary
In the muddy foxhole there
Knelt the lad in the noise of battle
As he offered up a prayer

"Heavenly Father, hear your child;
Why must people suffer so?
I'm so weary of this battle...
Surely Father, you must know
In your gentle way bring comfort
To my buddies lying there,
Ease their pain with all your mercy
This, dear Father is my prayer".

Then he raised his eyes to Heaven
And a teardrop softly fell
As he mourned for all who suffer
In that burning battle hell.
As he rose to struggle onward
Silhouette against the sky,
One lone sniper raised his rifle
And twas heard a pleading cry.

Oh so young to die in battle
Far from loved ones, all alone;
His still face was turned to Heaven
Waiting for his journey home.

-Author Unknown

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