Saturday, March 22, 2014

Broken & Wounded

"The "star of the sea"
 as it is sometimes called, 
had always held a fascination for me,
 I remember an old seaman's tale
 that said starfish were the remains
 of stars that fell from the sky. 
I peered into the pail.
 Broken and wounded,
 the creature did indeed
 bring to mind a fallen star."
 Excerpt from "A Broken Star" 
 By Sue Monk Kidd

Broken and wounded...
That's about right.
That's how I have been
feeling lately.

Broken and wounded...
by someone
who once promised to 
love me forever.

Broken and wounded...
my heart shattered,
by the sudden
and unexpected death 
of someone dear to me,
who considered me
 his friend...

Now we are separated
by the dark chasm
between life and death
and all I can feel
is broken 
and wounded inside
just like the little starfish...

  feeling lost...
in a decaying world
that seems to be
rushing faster and faster
towards some cataclysmic 

was the world
ever in control of itself?

am I really alone in
my suffering?

Is there not Someone
Who knows me
better than anyone else
including myself?

Someone Who
what it feels like
to be broken
and wounded inside?

To feel forsaken...
and betrayed,
and lonely...

Someone Who
 is close
 to those with
hurting souls...

Who wept,
at the death of 
a beloved friend...

Someone Who,
 I am often reminded,
 loves me so very much
that He suffered the most 
excruciating brokenness
  and wounding of 
 His own
body and soul
on my behalf ...

 He suffered...
becoming a curse
on a tree
Shedding drops of
precious blood,
His precious love,
for me...

so that I may have life,
more abundantly ...
and share  
the glory of

with Him

"Broken and Wounded"
By Pamela Denise Brida

What is the message of this post?

"When you are broken, wounded, 
scarred, and tired...
when you have lost just a little,
 or so much
 there is hardly anything left,
 take heart. 
 That is when God 
does His most beautiful work."
"A  Broken Star"
  -Sue Monk Kidd 

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. 
 You believe in and adhere to
 and trust in and rely on God,
 believe in and adhere to 
and trust in and rely
 also on Me."
John 14:1

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