Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Soul Mate

 The Soul Mate
Your dark eyes, pained,
searching for truth,
in a world that does not
accept it;
looking for some meaning
 in this life
of toil and tempest
 and temptations
to endure,
 we were brought together,
perhaps by Providence
for a very brief season,
a stellar moment,
when time was far
 too precious,
to be wasted,
on worldly pursuits,
empty words,
misunderstood intentions
  mundane interests
all so useless
  which cannot ,
nor never will, satisfy
the frightful needs of
the human heart..
Your dark eyes...
took me so by surprise,
  their black onyx fire 
spoke of unspent passions 
searing right into the depths
of my soul...
in cinders of regret
 I can only surrender
myself to the
memories of
what could have been.
-Pamela Denise Brida

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