Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beautiful Italy

Although my
paternal grandfather was born
in Sterling Colorado in 1894,
his family came from
the village of Tres
(pictured above)
in northern Italy.

I have often wondered
 about my grandfather's
  He spoke Italian
 and came from a village
 where Italian was
the main language,
 yet, the area of northern Italy
  where he came from
 and which was once part of
the Empire of Austria-Hungary,
 was heavily influenced
 by German culture. 

"The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music!"

The pristine region
of northern Italy
 where my ancestors lived 
very much reminds me
 of  neighboring Austria,
 the setting for one of
my all time favorite movies,
 "The Sound of Music".
I would love to
visit there

Julie Andrews
"The Sound of Music"

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