Monday, December 15, 2014

Hear My Voice

"You shall not commit murder"
Exodus 20:13

Since the passage of Rowe vs. Wade in 1973,
over 55 million babies have been murdered
in America through abortion. 

"The family who was once
 in the position of taking care
 of their loved one
 is now on the outside looking in –
 having no legal rights
 or any ability to help 
or even visit them."
-Bobby Schindler,
Brother of Teri Schaivo

Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo 
December 3, 1963- March 31, 2005

Terri was disconnected
 from her feeding tube
 on March 18, 2005 by
order of Pinellas County Florida
 Court Judge George W. Greer.
She died on March 31, 2005
For fourteen agonizing days
 she suffered 
without food or water
before she died
 from severe dehydration.

"If the world hates you, know that it hated Me
 before it hated you." 
John 15:18

"No. We love Jesus"
The response of Christian children
taken captive by ISIS militants in Syria,
who were told, "Convert to Islam or die."

 Canadian Christian Pastor yeon Soon Lim was sentenced to
life imprisonment for conducting "anti-state" 
activities in North Korea. 

 The nation of North Korea ranks first on the list of
of most hostile countries for Christians. 

Christians meet for a Bible study
inside a home in China.  Much like in the days of the
Iron Curtain, open worship, reading the Bible,
and the display of the cross are forbidden in
this communist nation.

 Chinese Christian woman locked up and
caged like an animal by her government.

"I will not convert. 
I believe in my religion and Jesus Christ.
 And why should I be the one to convert and not you?"
 — Asia Bibi.

Wife and mother Asia Bibi
arrested and put in prison
for violating Pakistan's
"anti-Christian" law. 

 "Where there is no vision, the people perish."
Proverbs 29:18

Does President Obama know that 
being a Christian slanders the
prophet of Islam?

"For our transgressions are multiplied
before You, O Lord, and our sins testify
against us; for our transgressions are
with us, and as for our iniquities, we
know and recognize them."
Isaiah 59:12 

In June 2015 the United States Supreme Court legalized
same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

"Rebelling against and denying the Lord,
turning away from following our God....

Atheists rally in Washington DC

 speaking oppression and revolt...

"Justice is turned away backward and
righteousness stands afar off; for the truth
has fallen in the street, and uprightness
cannot enter the courts of justice."
Isaiah 59: 13, 14

 Five Dallas Texas Police officers killed
during a Black Lives Matter protest

"Faith of our fathers, holy faith!
We will be true to thee till death."

-Frederick W. Faber

Only God, in His infinite wisdom
and His mercy can save America now.

"He shall come as a Redeemer
to all those who turn from transgression"
Isaiah 59:20

Come Soon, Lord Yeshua!

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