Monday, January 5, 2015

About Sarah Palin

"Live in such a way that you would not be
ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip."
-Will Rogers 

Last night, I tuned into a movie
 on TV called "You Betcha!" 
which was described as
 an "irreverent documentary"
 about former Alaska Governor 
and Vice Presidential candidate,
 Sarah Palin.
  I figured if it was 
about Sarah Palin,
 it might be interesting
to watch.

  I should have known better.

Former Alaska Governor
Sarah Palin

Not even half way through this movie,
 I was so disgusted, I had to turn it off.

"You Betcha!" should have been called,
 "You Belcha!"

" Pass the Alka-Seltzer, please!"

 Like belching up
 bile after a bad meal,
 this purported documentary
 of Sarah Palin
left me with
 a particularly sour aftertaste.

Sarah calls her detractors
 "the lamestream media."
   I politely beg to differ with her.
 I can think of far worse things to say
 about this shameless passel
 of nasty, invective-spewing vermin.

 Talk about bitter bile! 

 "You Betcha!" featured

 some rather tame clips 
of Sarah's interviews with
  left-wing media darlings
 Katie Couric and Charles Gibson
 during her 2008 run
 for the Vice-Presidency. 
 While Charlie at least
 pretended to be civil,
 if condescending,
 while talking to Sarah,
  Katie's hostility
 towards her
 was barely concealed
 beneath the surface! 

Sarah speaking with Katie Couric

 What was Ms. Couric's problem?
  Was she trying to prove 
 that given the chance,
 she can be just as rude 
and unreasonably spiteful
 as the rest of her like-minded,
 despicable peers in the media?

After witnessing
 the disgraceful treatment
 Sarah received
 from these two smug
 and self-righteous media snobs,
  not to mention
 watching this pathetic
and petty
   waste of film last night,
 one thing remains
 absolutely clear in my mind. 
The once respectable field 
of professional journalism in America,
and in much of the world today,
 has long since passed away.

"To be persuasive, we must be believable.
To be believable, we must be credible.
To be credible, we must be truthful."
-Edward R. Murrow 

Edward R. Murrow

 Whatever happened to being held
 responsible for the words we speak?
 Whatever happened to basic respect for
 and being polite, even kind, to other people,
 even the ones whom we disagree with,
 for whatever reasons?

 Much of today's media
 are not only contemptuous
 towards the American people,
 but have sunk to an 
unprecedented level
 of malicious gossip-mongering,
 and mean-spirited tattle-telling,
especially towards those whose
political views differ from their own.

She's One of The Folks
(And that's the problem?)
How condescending is this?

Some Timeless Advice...

"These six things the Lord hates, 
indeed, seven are an abomination to Him:
A proud look, (the spirit that makes
one overestimate himself and
underestimate others,)
a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
a heart that manufactures
wicked thoughts and plans,
feet that are swift in
running to evil,
A false witness
who breathes out lies
even under oath;
He who sows discord
among his brothers."
Proverbs 6:16-19

"Death and life are in the power of
the tongue, and they who indulge in it
shall eat the fruit of it, for death
or life."
Proverbs 18:21 

"For by your words you will
be justified or acquitted,
and by your words,
you will be condemned
and sentenced."
Matthew 12:37

"If wisdom's ways you wisely seek,
Five things observe with care
To whom you speak,
Of whom you speak,
And how, and when, and where."
  -Caroline Lake Quiner Ingalls
"Little Town On The Prairie"

Aside from the morbid fascination with Sarah-bashing
 in documentaries like "You Betcha!"  
there seems to be no let up in the malicious war 
of media "spin" against her, comprised
mainly of half truths, innuendo, and outright lies,
 which seems to have started 
not long after she was tapped
 by Senator John McCain
 to be his running mate
 in the 2008 election. 

Sarah was roundly condemned by
the pro-abortion media, which was highly
 critical of her decision to give birth
 to her precious special needs son, Trig, 
the youngest Palin child,
who was  born with Down Syndrome,
instead of choosing to have an abortion.

What is it about this woman
 that makes the liberal establishment,
and particularly the news media,
 bare their fangs and growl 
like a pack of wild dogs
 at the mere mention of her name?

 What terrible offense
 has she committed
 to deserve their contempt?

 But in order to be

 fair and balanced here,
 it's not only
 the movers and shakers on the Left
 who have a problem with Sarah.

 What about members 

of the Republican Party
 who have turned against her?

Furthermore, I have heard
 some really weird stories
 about people literally
 freaking out over Sarah
 or one of her family members.

  Remember the story of the man
 who shot his television screen
 when Sarah's oldest daughter, Bristol,
 was a celebrity contestant on
 "Dancing With The Stars"?

Bristol Palin and dancing partner
on "Dancing With The Stars"

 I  think it odd
 that there wasn't
 so much as a peep
 from the
anti-gun propagandists
 in the media about
  this peculiar incident.

 And yet, the liberal lynch mob
 couldn't wait
 to lay the blame on Sarah
  after the shooting
 of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords
 by a deranged young man in Arizona in 2011.

Gabrielle Giffords

I guess it kind of conveniently slipped their minds
 that Ms. Giffords, who is a member of the Democratic Party,
 believes, like Sarah does, in the Second Amendment, 
which grants Americans the right to keep and bear arms,
 and is a gun owner herself.

 Anyway... the movie, "You Betcha!"
 focused on Sarah's hometown
 of Wasilla, Alaska...

 ...and some of the residents there...

 who seemed just a tad too eager
 to dish up dirt about
 the former mayor/governor
 and her family.

"The Gossips"
Norman Rockwell

  It makes you wonder
 just how much
 the makers of this film
 promised to pay them
 for flapping their gums.

 However, it was this film's ridiculous accusation
 against the Wasilla Assembly of God Church,
   allegedly wielding a strange and sinister influence
 over this small Alaskan city of nearly 8700 residents
which prompted me to turn the channel on
this "irreverent documentary" about
Sarah Palin, who by the way just happens
to be a member of this 'controversial' church.

According to the makers of "You Betcha" the 
Wasilla Assembly of God has "infiltrated" the
small city's public high school which Sarah attended,
where teen members of the church are seen in the film 
praying around the flagpole outside the school.
The young congregants are also said to have
forced every member of the school's basketball team
to pray for victory before each game.

 Of course Sarah was also once a member
 of the high school basketball team, 
(her Dad was the coach and her sister was one of her teammates)
and running true to form the filmmakers managed
 to hunt up a man claiming to be an old school chum
 who said that he use to hang out with Sarah back in the day.
 He also admitted, again with prompting from the film's moderator,
 that Sarah had no great talent  playing basketball, 

Wasilla High School
Basketball Team
Sarah is in the top row
second from the left.

and, that her popular campaign trail nickname,
 "Sarah Barracuda" never existed
 back when they hung out together.

So, what?

  The old chum rambled on with
his memories about listening to
the old Heart song
 not to mention Sarah's resemblance
 to lead singer, Ann Wilson...

Something about Sarah and Ann having
 the same thick black hair....

This film was getting
 curiouser and curiouser
 by the minute!
 Sarah was remembered by another
classmate who called her
 "a nerd" and "the teacher's pet".
But Sarah did make the school honor roll! 

Sarah Palin 
In Her High School Days

 The film crew of "You Betcha!" 
even flew all the way
 to the Middle East...

Alexandria Egypt

... in an apparent desperate attempt
 to track down yet another
 former classmate of Sarah
 willing to gossip about her
 on camera. 

According to the makers of  "You Betcha!"
 many of the residents of Wasilla
 are reportedly terrified,
 right down to their extra pair
 of thermal Long Johns,
 to say or repeat anything
 negative in public 
about their most famous
 local celebrity.

" Speak no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil"

 This is just my own observation,
 but I think the frosty reception
 the filmmakers received
 from some of the folks in Wasilla
 has far less to do
 with some irrational fear
 of retaliation
 for violating an alleged,
 post-Palin gag order on free speech,
 and a whole lot more
 with protecting their former
 mayor and governor's right 
to her privacy
 with their silence.

And, if Wassillans are anything
 like the folks  in my neck of the woods,
 they most likely harbor  a healthy suspicion
 of annoying strangers with video cameras
  hanging out and asking intrusive questions
at the local supermarket.

 After all,
 keeping quiet about Sarah
would seem like the neighborly
  thing to do! 
Don't you agree?

 Meanwhile, the woman
 they tracked down in Egypt,
 grumbled on camera about how her
 Wasilla Assembly of God classmates
 told her that if she did not accept
 Jesus Christ as her Savior 
she would go to hell. 

At least these
 classmates were bold enough
to witness their faith and tell her the truth.

During His ministry here on earth,
 Jesus not only taught about hell
 and how to avoid going there,
 but revealed the true nature
 of the enemy of mankind,
 whom He defeated
 on the cross.


Unfortunately, the unsaved
of this lost and fallen world,
 languish under the sway
 of a satanic principality
  which the apostle Paul,
 in his letter to the church at Ephesus
 called, "The prince of the power of the air." 
(Ephesians 2:2)
that blinds them to the truth
about God's great love and mercy,
and the redemptive power of the Cross.

Although Sarah endured relentless scrutiny
from the news media and contempt from
some of the members of the Republican Party,
the GOP on a whole decided that someone
needed to take the blame for their loss
of the White House in 2008.
And it certainly was not going to
be their party nominee, 
Senator John McCain of Arizona.

 Though the fault lay entirely at the feet
of the Republican Party,
 by primarily distancing themselves
 from anyone or anything linking them
 to Ronald Reagan-like conservatism,

President Ronald Reagan

 while alienating moderate party members
 by moving further to the Left,
 to be more in keeping the with socialism-promoting
 ideals of the Democratic Party,

  Sarah was nevertheless cast
 in the role of the proverbial scapegoat

"The Scapegoat"
William Holman Hunt


 when McCain lost the election
 to Barack Obama. 
 But, as I noted above,
 her decline within the ranks 
of the GOP actually began before the loss
 of the election, when certain party big shots,
 along with the managers of McCain's campaign, 
discovered, much to their dismay,
 how popular Sarah was,and still is,
 with traditionally conservative American voters, 
especially with those whom share
 her evangelical Christian faith, 
as well as members of the
 widespread libertarian grassroots
 movement known as the Tea Party.

Sarah with son, Trig,
at a Tea Party rally

Meanwhile, as far as the
  Democrats were concerned,
  their party's overwhelming disdain
 for all things Palin was best expressed 
by none other than their curious nominee,
 Senator Barack Obama,
 who, standing before a crowd of
docile and deceived supporters, mocked Sarah
 with his infamous play on words,
“You know, you can put lipstick on a pig,
 but it’s still a pig.”

Obama's nasty remark about Sarah
made front page headlines from

 By the way, I wonder how the media
 would have reacted if John McCain
 had dared to take a cheap shot like that
 at Michelle Obama?
 I'll betcha we would still be
 hearing about it today!

And what about Obama's guest appearance on
"The Tonight Show"
when he compared his White House bowling skills 
to Special Olympics?
His comparison was quickly forgotten
by the news media after he issued an apology
to the head of the Special Olympics Committee.
But as far as many parents of special needs children,
 myself included, were concerned,
 his carelessly flung remark spoke volumes.
 Beneath the media-hyped charisma lies
a very shallow heart.

"It's like the Special Olympics or something"
-President Barack Obama

But now back to Sarah Palin...

I believe the underlying reason for the continuous
 and unprecedented attacks against this woman
 is not only because she is both beautiful 
and brilliant, but more importantly,
 because Sarah Palin strives to live
righteously before God.

  The name, "Sarah" in Hebrew
 A fitting name for a daughter 
of the King of kings and Lord of lords!

On that night, several years ago,
 when Sarah walked out onto the stage at the GOP Convention
 she literally blew the crowd and the liberal media away
 with her lively and refreshingly unpretentious,
 reminiscent-of- Ronald Reagan acceptance speech.

 She really is just "one of us" average, traditional-minded Americans!
 "Mama Grizzly" Sarah wows the crowd  at the 2008 GOP Convention

As I sat at home watching her on television that night,
 I knew Sarah was not alone up there on the stage.
 The unseen  presence of Ruach HaKodesh,
 the Holy Spirit of God, was standing beside her.

"But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will
send in My name, He will teach you all things. And He will
cause you to recall everything I have told you."
John 14:26

Another admirable trait of Sarah Palin,
which infuriates the liberal establishment,
 is her unabashed pride in being an American,
 as well as her desire to preserve 
our unique culture and history as a nation.

Our colonial ancestors got it right the first time!

 Sarah comes from decent,
 God-fearing parents and family, 
and she believes, as I do,
 that the nation which became America
 was founded by Christian pilgrims,
 men and women led by the Holy Spirit
, on an incredible journey 
across a storm-tossed ocean,
 armed only with their 
strong reliance on God,
 and an unshakable vision
 of true and lasting freedom,
for themselves and their families.

 First Landing
Christian refugees from England rowing ashore at
Cape Henry Virginia

My heartfelt prayer for Sarah and her family
 is that God will continually bless and keep them
 in His love and protect them
 from every scheme of the enemy. 

"But no weapon that is formed
 against you shall prosper, 
and every tongue that shall
 rise against you in judgment you
shall show to be in the wrong.
 This triumph over the
opposition is the heritage
 of the servants of the Lord; 
those in whom the ideal
 Servant of the Lord is
 this is the
 righteousness which
they obtain from Me,
 this is that which I
impart to them
 as their justification,
says the Lord."
Isaiah 54:17

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