Sunday, February 22, 2015

Deer Tracks In The Snow


The crimson sun is swinging low
 a flaming red chariot in the sky,
the wind, turning bitter cold,
 stirs the tops of the trees
 with a lonely
 and mournful cry.

The swaying old cedars
 and towering pine
casting their long
stark shadows
across the lawn...

The gathering darkness
 of the coming night,
makes me sigh,
as I realize
  another afternoon
will soon be gone.

 I zip up my boots
and head outside
determine before
 the last hour of light
to take in my daily stride.

I  remind myself
to step careful as such,
for the snowy woods
are deceptive at 
the coming
of dusk.

  The familiar trail
of bridal veil white
winding between
the bare naked bush,
has melted into
 one long pool
of camouflaged,
mud-spattered mush.

As I walk in silence
struggling to keep upright,
I am aware of hidden eyes,
alert and ever watchful,
bold and black as night.

 I look down
to see imprinted across
the frozen ground
the dainty tracks of deer
in their flight.

I wonder why they run,
surely it cannot be
the setting sun...
 or possibly the threat of
some hunter's gun?

And no windfall fruit,
or tree bark nibbled,
seems to keep them here,
at least
none that I can see...

Yet, I know the deer
will keep running away,
especially if
they catch a glimpse
of me!

Deer In The Winter Woods

"Deer Tracks In The Snow"
Written By
Pamela Denise Brida

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