Sunday, May 31, 2015

Chasing Lightning Bugs

Looking out the window the other night
I was surprised and delighted to see
my woods all aglow 
with the twinkling of
 lightning bugs.
A clear sign that summer
is fast approaching!

Some Enchanted Evening
Compliments of the
Lightning Bugs

I remember one of the greatest delights
of my childhood summers was
running around in the front yard
after dark trying to catch
the lightning bugs!

These mysterious little creatures
usually come out right after sunset,
in the time of the gloaming,
or twilight, 
flashing their greenish glow
in warm summer air
awash with the lingering fragrance
 of wild honeysuckle and flowering
Indian Cigar trees.

My mother always
 managed to hunt up 
a  few glass canning jars
 and helped us kids poke
 air holes into the metal lids
 with a kitchen knife.

However, catching these
elusive winged creatures
often proved to be a lot
more challenging then
it seemed.

Prancing about barefoot 
across the front yard
 in the balmy night air,
 the first stars appearing
with the receding red glow of sunset
still visible in the western sky,
I would be homing in for the capture,
my jar in one hand and lid in the other,
when suddenly the little glow bug
I was chasing after
would turn off his light
and seem to vanish
right before my very eyes!

It has always made me wonder
if those tiny winged insects
 somehow knew they
were being pursued by
a little girl eager to
capture them in a
Mason jar!

Of course, when I did
catch one or several of them,
making sure there was a nest of
soft green grass at the bottom of
the jar for the bugs to rest in,
I never kept them for more
than a few hours.

Watching them crawling
up the sides of their
glass trap to the
 air holes in the lid
made me realize that the
little creatures
longed to be free again.
So, after a while,
off came the lid and
the beautiful glowing bugs
 eventually flew away, 
into the night...
and into my memories
of simple summertime pleasures
and the innocence
of childhood.

This classic song reminds
me of those happy days!

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