Sunday, December 6, 2015

In The Starry Stillness Of Morning

"Let the glad world rejoice! Let the angelic bands
Their anthems triumphantly sing!
To God be the glory! Sound forth, all ye lands,
The coming of Jesus our King."
"Star In The East"
J.M. Lowrie

This morning I woke up just a little before 4:00 am 
 and looked out the window to marvel at the
stars glittering across the darkness of
the predawn sky.
A falling star suddenly caught my attention and
prompted me to slip into my shoes and coat and quietly out
the back door into the frosty silence of the waning night.
I have been an avid stargazer all my life, and yet,
the celestial beauty of the heavens never fails to leave me
speechless with reverence and delight. 
The stars and planets, together with the moon hanging
low in the eastern sky, reminded me that even though my
heart is often troubled by the events happening in
the world right now, there is a distinct order to
the universe, and although human beings often
fail to see this, God is still very much
 in control of everything.
Furthermore, although I am very much aware of it,
I never cease to be amazed that Elohim, the Creator God
of the heavens and the earth, knows and calls each
of the stars by name.

 Andromeda Galaxy

"Lift up your eyes on high and see!
Who has created these?
He Who brings out their host by number
and calls them all by name;
through the greatness of His might
and because He is strong in power,
not one is missing nor
lacks anything."
Isaiah 40:26 

The Beauty of God's Creation

"And the teachers and those who
are wise shall shine like the brightness
of the firmament, and those who turn
many to righteousness (to uprightness
and right standing with God) shall
give forth light like the stars 
forever and ever."
Daniel 12:3

"Stars all bright are beaming
From the skies above,
Nature’s face all gleaming,
Shines with Heaven’s own love."
-Richard R. Chope

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