Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Original American Hero

"I grew up a-dreamin' of bein' a cowboy,
and lovin' the cowboy ways..."
-Willie Nelson

"A Great View"
Craig Tennant

Come sell your pony, cowboy
Sell your pony to me;
Braided bridle and your puncher saddle,
And spend your money free.

If I should sell my pony,
And ride the range no more,
Nail up my hat and silver spurs
Above my shanty door;

And let my door stand open wide
To the snow and the rain and sun;
And bury me under the green sweetgrass
Where you hear the river run.

Laughter Kills Lonesome
Charles M. Russell

As I came down the sweetgrass range
And by the cabin door,
I heard a singing in the early dusk
Along the river shore;

I heard a singing to the early stars
And the tune of a pony's feet.
The joy of the riding singer
I shall never forget.

-Edwin Ford Piper

Singing Cowboys
Andy Thomas

Best of Days
Robert Duncan

The Stampede By Lightning
 Frederic Remington

She Loves Her Cowboy
Connie Chadwell

Sharin The Light
Jack E. Dawson

Roping A Steer
Charles M. Russell

Little Cowboys and Cowgirl
Nelson Borden

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