Wednesday, December 11, 2019

For Christmas

Now not a window small or big
But wears a wrath or holly sprig;

Nor any shop too poor to show
Its spray of pine or mistletoe.

Holiday Shopping
Susan Rios

Now city airs are spicy sweet
With Christmas trees along each street,

Green spruce and fir whose boughs will hold
Their tinseled balls and fruits of gold.

Now postmen pass in threes and fours
Like bent, blue-coated Santa Claus.

Now people hurry to and fro
With little boys and girls in tow,

And not a child but keeps some trace
Of Christmas secrets in his face.

"For Christmas"
Rachel Field
American novelist and poetess
author of the famous children's book,
"Hitty Her First Hundred Years"

Watchman Tell Us Of The Night

"Hark, your watchmen lift up their voices;
together they sing for joy; for they shall see eye to eye
the return of the Lord to Zion."
Isaiah 52:8

Nativity Scene
Anton Raphael Mengs
Bohemian Neoclassical painter

Watchman tell us of the night, What its signs of promise are:

Traveler, o'er yon mountain's height, See that glory beaming star!

Watchman, doth its beauteous ray, Aught of joy or hope for-tell?

Traveler, yes; it brings the day,  Promised day of Israel.

Watchman tell us of the night;  Higher yet the star ascends:

Traveler, blessedness and light,  Peace and truth, its course portends.

Watchman, will its beams alone  Gild the spot that gave them birth?

Traveler, ages are its own,  And it bursts o'er all the earth!

Watchman, tell us of the night,  For morning seems to dawn:

Traveler, darkness takes its flight;  Doubt and terror are withdrawn.

Watchman, let thy wanderings cease;  Hie thee to thy quiet home.

Traveler, lo, the Prince of Peace,  Lo, the Son of God is come! Amen.

"Watchman Tell Us Of The Night"
John Bowring
English poet and linguist

Stop The USMCA

As of December 10, 2019 the USMCA has been officially amended 
and signed by all three countries.  Find out what both the Democrats and
Republicans are saying about this newly amended USMCA.  The 
USMCA is dangerously close to being passed and 
requires your immediate action.-JBS

USMCA Has Moved Way To The Left
The John Birch Society
December 11, 2019

The President of Mexico has revealed the USMCA's true purpose on more
than one occasion. Just after yesterday's signing ceremony, he said, 
"With development cooperation, which will be possible
 with this agreement, the unity of the Americas,the united of our 
 continent, the united of all countries, the people of our America
 the American that saw Abraham Lincoln born and of the America
that saw Benito Juarez born, we have this agreement with 
 North America without turning our backs on our America."

United of our continent. The three North American countries are about as far 
 apart in their governing systems as they could be. But after the USMCA,  
 they will be much closer. The North American Union will be one step closer
with the passage of the USMCA.-JBS.

Mexico Leaks USMCA's True Purpose
The John Birch Society
December 11, 2019

USMCA: What They Are Not Telling You
The John Birch Society
February 24, 2019

If you value your freedom as an American citizen please
contact your Congressional representatives today and tell them 
 to reject the USMCA in order to protect our national sovereignty.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Last Full Moon Of 2019

Brightly like a jewel the moon is beaming
White in the east o'er a lone landscape gleaming
Over the meadows and over the snow
Glimmering, shimmering, silvery glow.
-Charles Nevers Holmes

This month's Full Cold Moon will rise just after sunset on
Wednesday. It will also coincide with this month's Geminid meteor 
 shower, however, shooting stars might be less visible due
  to lovely Luna's preeminence in the heavens.

The moon will be joined in December's celestial show
 by  co-starring planets Venus and Saturn.

I just hope the skies will be clear for viewing!

The Legend Of Saint Eulalia

Eulalia was a young Christian girl living under the rule
of the Roman Emperor Diocletian.  For refusing to bow down
to Roman gods, she was brutally martyred for her faith in Christ.

Saint Eulalia
John William Waterhouse

Although the details of her death were horrific, some church
historians claim that as she drew her last tortured breath, a
a white dove flew from her mouth and winged upward towards heaven. 
    Her executioners were said to be so terrified that they fled the scene.
It is further believed that snow fell on her body soon after her death,
 symbolizing Eulalia's purity of heart and unblemished virginity.

In the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches 
her feast day is observed on December 10th.

Saint Eulalia
John William Waterhouse
English painter

Eulalia was a good girl,

She had a beautiful body, a soul more beautiful still.

The enemies of God wanted to overcome her,

they wanted to make her serve the devil.

She does not listen to evil counselors

(who want her) to deny God, who lives up in heaven.

Not for gold, nor silver, nor jewels,

not for the king's threats or entreaties,

nothing could ever persuade the girl

not to love continually the service of God.

And for this reason she was brought before Maximian*,

who was king in those days over the pagans.

He exhorts her-but she does not care-

to abandon the name of Christian;

She gathers up her strength

And subsequently worship his god

She would rather undergo persecution

Than lose her spiritual purity.

For these reasons she died in great honor.

They threw her into the fire so that she would burn quickly.

She had no sins, for this reason she did not burn.

The pagan king did not want to give in to this;

He ordered her head to be cut off with a sword.

The girl did not oppose that idea:

She wants to abandon earthly life, 

and she calls upon Christ.

In the form of a dove she flew to heaven.

Let us all pray that she will deign to pray for us.

That Christ may have mercy on us,

And may allow us to come to Him after death

Through His grace.

The "Sequence of Saint Eulalia" also known as the "Canticle of Saint
 Eulalia" dates from around the year 880 and is the earliest surviving 
piece of French hagiography. The poem above, translated into English,
is similar to the hymn to Eulalia in the Peristephanon,
 a 4th century work by the Christian poet, Prudentius.

 * From 286 to 305 A.D. Maximian was co-emperor with Diocletian.

On My Mind: Are You Ready For Real ID?

In this month's issue of  The Association of Mature American Citizens (The Amac)
Magazine, writer Jeff Szymanski asks the question which should concern 
 all Americans:  "Real ID: Are You Ready for the Change?"

 States Should Reject Real ID
The Cato Institute
May 11, 2015

What he is referring to- Real ID- is the final implementation of the 9/11
Commission's recommendation to, "set the standards for the issuance of
source identification, such as driver's licenses."

Passed by Congress and President George W. Bush in 2005,
 this law, which will go into effect on October 1, 2020, will require
states to use new counterfeit resistant technology to prevent document forgery. 

According to the article,  all air travelers aged 18 and over, will
 be required to have a Real ID compliant driver's license or some
 other acceptable form of ID-by October 1, 2020- even if their flight merely
 takes them across the country from New York to Los Angeles.  Although the
states began to issue licenses which were Real ID compliant many years ago,
how will you know if you already have one?  According to the article, you need
to check your existing license for a star or another similar symbol.

Although in the state of Florida nearly 100% of residents there
have a license or state ID card which is Real ID compliant, many
states have fought this mandate, claiming it as an intrusion of
federal power into an area which has been for many years
the responsibility of state governments.

Personally, and in the wake of the recent tragic shooting in Pensacola,
I see this pending implementation of  Real ID, a waste of time, not to
mention another encroachment on the privacy rights of American citizens 
 by the ever over reaching arm of the federal government. 

 Did a tracking system like Real ID prevent a Saudi national from
shooting people down in cold blood? Will people like this killer,
who came from a country which, not so long ago, was widely
 known for their support of international terrorism-and from 
 where fifteen of the nineteen hijackers on 9/11 came from- 
 be required to carry a form of Real ID to travel back and
forth across the country?  Or, will this impending measure 
apply only to natural born American citizens?

 The same federal government ready to implement Real ID
 next fall is the same government in 2017 which fought President Trump's
initiative of serious vetting by blocking his ban on travel from seven
Islamic nations known to sponsor international terrorism.  

 If the Democrats have their way, those who have been
brain-washed to hate us and trained to kill innocent people will 
 simply be permitted to walk across our borders unhindered 
in their unholy quest to subjugate and conquer us.

  It's a waste of time to guard the hen house after 
a passel of vicious weasels have been turned loose on it. 

An unnecessary measure like Real ID, when there are already state
laws in place to aid or correct the problems of personal identification
 will be how the enemies of the American people, with the help
  of our intrusive government in Washington, and the "open borders"
socialist agitators sitting in the Congress, will gain a larger and
 more dangerous foothold within our nation without really trying.
  In fact, as we have witnessed with the tragedy in Florida,
 they're already here among us.

America could learn a lot by adopting Israel's air travel
security methods as our own, and spare American citizens
much of the frustration they are being forced to go through
at airports across the nation today.

Israel Airport Security
Stephanie Freid

Monday, December 9, 2019

The Impeachment Words That Will Haunt Dems

"The President...sought foreign assistance in elections."

Those words from House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler on 
NBC's Meet The Press may come back to haunt the Democrats in 2020"-JBS.

The Impeachment Words that Will Haunt Dems
The John Birch Society
December 9, 2019

Unraveling Revelation: Sardis The Dead Church

"So call to mind the lessons you received and heard;
continually lay them to heart and obey them, and repent.
In case you will not rouse yourselves and keep awake
and watch, I will come upon you like a thief, and you
will not know or suspect at what hour I will come.
Yet you still have a few persons' names in Sardis
who have not soiled their clothes, and they shall walk
with Me in white, because they are worthy and deserving."
Revelation 3:3-4

Sardis was an ancient city and the capital of the kingdom of Lydia,
 located in western Anatolia, which today is western Turkey.

This week, SkyWatch TV hosts and husband and wife ministry team
Derek and Sharon Gilbert discuss the Sardis, the fifth of the seven
churches of Asia named in Revelation.

Unraveling Revelation
Sardis: The Dead Church
SkyWatch TV
December 9, 2019

Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Cross At The Center: A Teaching By Derek Prince

"The cross distinguishes Christianity from all other religions.
It is the source of all grace, the basis of Satan's defeat,
the door to God's secret wisdom, the ultimate 
demonstration of God's love."-Derek Prince

The Cross At The Center Prt 1
Derek Prince

The Cross At The Center Prt. 2
Derek Prince

Second Sunday Of Advent:Thou Virgin Born Incarnate Word

"In the beginning, before all time, was the Word,
and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself."
John 1:1

Adoration of the Shepherds
Hugo van der Goes
15th century Flemish painter

Thou virgin-born incarnate Word,

Begotten of the Father,

Blest Son of Mary, David's Lord,

In Thy dear name we gather.

As Thou hast promised, be Thou nigh,

And hear us as we testify,

"Thou art the Christ, our Savior."

The herald in the wilderness

Prepares the way before Thee;

With him let us Thy name confess,

With him let us adore Thee.

Grant that we hearken to his cry,

"Repent, the kingdom draweth nigh."

And seek Thee, Christ our Savior.

Thou art indeed God's holy Son,

Beloved of Him so dearly,

The mighty works that Thou hast done

Reveal Thy Godhead clearly;

The blind can see, the sick are healed,

The lips once dumb are now unsealed,

All power is Thine, dear Jesus!

Thou art our peace, our righteousness,

The rock of our salvation.

Clothed in Thy garb of holiness,

We fear no condemnation.

Thy blood has cleansed away our sin,

Through Thee eternal life we win,

O crucified Redeemer!

"Thou Virgin Born Incarnate Word"
Anna Bernardine Dorothy Hoppe
American poetess and hymn writer

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2019: The Fateful Day

Always remember.   Never forget.

 American WWII veteran Fremont Sawade with his poem.
(Charlie Neuman)

The Fateful Day

'Twas the day before that fateful day

December Sixth I think they say.

When leave trucks passed Pearl Harbor clear

The service men perched in the rear.

No thought gave they, of things to come.

For them, that day, all work was done.

In waters quiet of Pearl Harbor Bay,

The ships serene, at anchor lay.

Nor did we give the slightest thought

Of treacherous deeds by the yellow lot.

Those men whose very acts of treason,

Are done with neither rhyme nor reason.

For if we knew what was in store

We ne're would leave that day before.

For fun and drink to forget the war

Of Britain, Europe, and Singapore.

For all of us there was no fear

This time of peace and Christmas cheer.

Forget the axiom, might is right,

Guardians of Peace, were we that night.

We passed the sailors in cabs galore,

Those men in white who came ashore.

But some will ne're be seen again,

In care-free fun, those sailor men.

The Sabbath Day dawned bright and clear,

A brand of fire ore the lofty spear,

Of Diamond Head, Hawaii's own.

A picture itself that can't be shown,

Unless observed with naked eye,

That makes one look, and stop, and sigh.

What more could lowly humans ask

To start upon their daily task.

The men asleep in barracks late,

Knew no war, that morning at eight.

The planes on fields, their motors cold,

Like sheep asleep among the fold.

The ships at anchor with turbines stilled,

Their crews below in hammocks filled.

And faint, as tho it were a dream

A sound steels on upon this scene.

A drone of many red tipped things,

The Rising Sun upon their wings.

Those who saw would not believe,

And those that heard could not conceive.

A single shocking, thundering roar,

Followed by another and many more.

To rob the sleep from weary eyes,

Or close forever those that died,

A hot machine gun's chattering rattle,

Mowed men down like herds of cattle.

A bomb destroys an air plane hangar,

The planes within will fly no more

Bombs  explode upon a ship,

Blasting men into the deep,

To sink without the slightest thought

Of what brought on this hell they caught.

What seems like years, the horrible remains,

Blasting men and ships and planes.

And just as quick as they had come,

Away they went, their foul deeds done.

To leave the burning wreckage here,

The scorching hulks of dead ships there.

And blasted forms of dying men

Alive in hell, to die again.

At night the skies were all but clear,

The rosy glow of a white hot bier,

Showed on clouds the havoc wrought,

And greedy flames the men still fought.

But from the ruins arose this cry,

That night from those who did not die,

"Beware Japan we'll take eleven,

For every death of December Seven".

And from that day there has arisen,

A cry for vengeance, in storms they're driven.

This fateful day among the ages.

Shall stand out red in Hist'ry's pages.

Those men whom homefolk held so dear,

Will be avenged, have no fear.

And if their lives they gave in vain,

Pray, I too, may not remain.

The Attack On Pearl Harbor
Sunday, December 7, 1941
Always remember. Never forget.

"The Fateful Day"
Fremont Augustus "Cap" Sawade
August 18, 1920-February 12, 2016
American veteran of WWII and an
eye witness to the Japanese attack on
Pearl Harbor, the morning of
Sunday, December 7, 1941.

Thank you, Sir, for your courageous service to
our nation and for my freedom.
May you rest in peace.

"I will dwell in Your tabernacle forever;
let me find refuge and trust in 
the shadow of Your wings."
Psalm 61:14