Friday, September 24, 2010

Public School Bullying Protection Program

The story about the Florida man who went after the bullies harrassing his daughter on the school bus really struck home with me. Furthermore, those kids deserved to be punished, not the father. I feel he was within his rights to protect his child. My 17 year old oldest son is mildly autistic. Last spring, he was using the boys lavatory at his high school and looked up to see two boys with a school video camera filming or attempting to film him over the stall. I just happened to be waiting for my son that day in the school office. I was picking him up early for a doctor's appointment. My son came into the office and told me what happened and that he wanted to report these two kids to the vice-principal of the school. I went back into her office with him to find out what was going on. I also spoke to one of the two witnesses who saw these two boys with the camera out in the hallway. This vice principal told me she was "searching for the two boys on the school computer and when she found them she would prosecute them." Well, to make a long story short, nothing was done. In fact, I had to contact the school that afternoon to find out what was being done and I was told by the woman vice-principal that the camera had been confiscated and there was nothing on it. I was further told by her that there had only been one boy involved in the incident, not two like my son claimed, and that this boy had been "signed out of school by his mother and was never coming back." To add insult to injury, I was later contacted, not by phone, but by e-mail by the principal of the high school, who was clearly on the defensive when he informed me that " it was not a school camera that had been involved," but a "personal cell phone camera" and that the boy was "just kidding around, pretending to take pictures." I even filed a police report the day after the incident, but the police later told me that because there was no evidence they could not do anything. Well, duh! There's no evidence because someone ( I have reason to suspect the woman vice-principal) deliberately changed the details of the story and/or erased any evidence, if there was any found. (At least, I hope it was erased and not downloaded onto someone's social network page on the Internet!)
I say I have reason to suspect this woman vice principal because since this incident I have talked to several other parents who have had run ins with this same woman covering up bullying done to their kids. This woman is black and she has a history of covering up bullying done by black students. She is a perfect example of what is terribly wrong with our society today. People in a position of authority over others who use their skin color and/or race to silence and intimidate others. I think that the cowardly school administration is afraid to confront her behavior because they probably fear her bringing a "racial discrimination" lawsuit against them. Meanwhile, kids like my son, who was traumatized by this incident, and other kids are made to suffer. And what about those bullies? What lesson is someone like this woman vice-principal teaching them? How to be devious and how to lie just like her! Now I ask you, had this happened in a K-Mart bathroom or any public restroom, would someone have been arrested for "pretending to take pictures" of someone over a toilet stall? Needless to say, my son no longer attends our local highschool and neither will my younger son.