Friday, July 31, 2015

Once Upon A Blue Moon...

Tonight will mark
the second full moon of
the month, or,
what astronomers call,
a "blue moon".

A celestial delight
for an end-of-July night!

Whilst the moon decks herself in Neptune's glass
And ponders over her image in the sea,
Her cloudy locks smoothing from off her face
That she may all as bright as beauty be;
It is my wont to sit upon the shore
And mark with what an even grace she glides
Her two concurrent paths of azure o'er,
One in the heavens, the other in the tides:
Now with a transient veil her face she hides
And ocean blackens with a human frown;
Now her fine screen of vapor she divides
And looks with all her light of beauty down;
Her splendid smile over-silvering the main
Spreads her the glass she looks into again. 
"The Moon And The Sea"
-George Darley

Goodbye July....

"I'll be looking at the moon
But I'll be seeing you..."

 Full Moon On The Prairie
Hat Top Mountain

"Moonlight on the prairie, campfires burning low,

Moonlight on the prairie, soft winds gently blow.

Into the night, stars shining bright,

I’ll ride o’er the silver sea,

Jogging along, singing a song,

Moonlight on the prairie."
Bob Nolan - Vernon Spencer

"Sail along silvery moon
Trail along lover's lane
Sail along, silvery moon
To my love again..."
  Harry Tobias/Percy Wenrich

Friday, July 10, 2015

On Banning The Confederate Flag

The Confederate flag 
is no more a symbol
 of racial hatred
 than the American flag.


At one time in America,
 the abomination of slavery
 was considered a
 legitimate business practice
 condoned under both flags. 


 A flag is
 an inanimate object,
 incapable of hate. 
This does not mean 
 that human beings,
 who are capable of hate,
 will use, or rather misuse, 
 this flag to justify
 their own hatred and bigotry. 

 The disturbed young white man
 who entered a historic black church
 in South Carolina
 and murdered nine innocent people
 is evidence of this behavior,
 as is the recent rash of burnings
 of black churches in the South.

 The Stars and Bars

 is a battle flag.

 What it symbolizes, 
at least to me,
 is division. 
 Division sought
 by the southern states
 to break away from the Union
 in the name of state's rights
 and the right 
to keep their slave labor
 for the vast cotton and tobacco
 industry there.


It took a bloody war
 to end slavery
 and to preserve the Union.

 The men 
on both sides fought
 for the causes they believed in, 
however, right or wrong.

Confederate General Robert E. Lee
formally surrenders to Union General
Ulysses S. Grant at the Mclean House
Appomattox, Virginia
April, 1865

 These men,
 "the Blue and the Gray",
 and their sacrifices, 
nor the flags
 they served under, 
should not be forgotten
 as part of America's
 unique history
 as a nation. 

How can future
 generations of Americans
 be expected to learn
 about the American Civil War
 without reference to the Confederate flag?

 The American Flag at the
time of the Civil War

The different flags
of the southern Confederacy 

"The Blue and The Gray"

By the flow of the inland river,
Whence the fleets of iron have fled,
Where the blades of the grave grass quiver,
Asleep are the ranks of the dead;
Under the sod and the dew,
Waiting the judgment day;-
Under the one, the Blue;
Under the other, the Gray.

These in the robings of glory,
Those in the gloom of defeat,
All with the battle blood gory,
In the dusk of eternity meet;-
Under the sod and the dew,
Waiting the judgment day;-
Under the laurel, the Blue;
Under the willow, the Gray.
-Frances Miles Finch 

"And knowing their thoughts,
He said to them,
"Any kingdom that is
divided against itself is
being brought to desolation
and laid waste
and no city or house divided
against itself will last
or continue to stand."
-Matthew 12:25 

The Lord clearly knows,

and admonishes His listeners

 that division, whether it be
within a kingdom or a house,
(or a nation)
brings desolation and ruin.

One of the major issues
which divided Americans during
the Civil War was slavery.
However, it was never in
the plans of Almighty God
for even one person to
be brought to our shores
in chains, to be
whipped and dehumanized, 
and enslaved to serve the
greedy and selfish whims
of other human beings.

What is seeking to
divide and destroy
America today
is no different.