Thursday, April 10, 2014

Portrait Of Laura

 portrayed by
 the stunningly beautiful
 Gene Tierney

Theme from "Laura"
By David Raskin
with clips from the movie


 is a romantic mystery
 surrounding the alleged murder
 of  a beautiful young woman
 and the hard-boiled police detective
 who falls in love with her.

 NYPD Detective Mark McPherson,
 played by Dana Andrews,
 studies Laura's
 intriguing portrait.

 Mark is soon glad to discover
 that Laura is very much alive!

"Someone To Watch Over Me"

Laura's manipulative "mentor" Waldo Lydecker, 
played by Clifton Webb,
 a cynical newspaper columnist
 is jealous of Mark's obvious interest
 in his protege.

Another rival for Laura's affections
 is the handsome playboy
 Shelby Carpenter,
 played by Vincent Price.

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