Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kudos To Koch

I always knew Ed Koch was a guy with guts. In a recent Op-Ed piece for, the former Mayor of New York City rebuked the Obama Administration, claiming that Barack Obama is not only anti-Israel, but "is willing to throw Israel under the bus in order to please Muslim nations". And these are words spoken by a fellow Democrat!
According to an article in Arutz Sheva, His Honor, in another Op-Ed piece written last summer, admits that he has gradually "fallen out of love" with the Anointed One, first with the current leader's strident effort to foist his recently passed socialism-through-healthcare edict on the American people, and now, Obama's deliberate snub of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on the latter's recent visit to Washington. (I'm glad he did not get a chance to snub Prime Minister Netanyahu a second time. Bibi's no fool. He's already got Obama pegged.)
Anyway,what right does our government have to tell Israel to stop building in their nation's capital? To add insult to injury, Obama refers to the city of Jerusalem as a "settlement." Settlement? Hardly so, Mr. President. The eternal city of the Jewish people is where Zion rests his head!
Furthermore, Obama blaming Israel's defiance for refusing to stop building in Jerusalem as the majoring stumbling block in his adminstration's efforts to revitalize the peace process is as false as it is embarrassing. The other major player in this conflict, the Palestinian Authority, headed by Arafat acolyte Mahmoud Abbas, does not recognize Israel's right to exist! The PA which used to be known more infamously as the Palestinian Liberation Organization, has never changed, or BEEN ADVISED TO CHANGE their organization's (and I use that word lightly) charter calling for Israel's destruction. The real beef in all of this lies in the fact that the enemies of Israel, who are already have the lands of Judea and Samaria surrounded, have now set their sights on the proverbial Jewel In The Crown, the City of Jerusalem. And Obama, whom I personally believe is a Muslim, is determine to let them have it!
Embolden by his tacit support and most of the Arab-Muslim World, as well as the absurd claim attributed to Iranian mad dog dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that the creation of a side-by-side Palestinian State with the eastern sector of Jerusalem as it's capital will somehow cancel out the very real threat to Israel and the entire world coming from a nuclear Iran, the enemies of the Jewish people are once again forcing the issue of dividing the city of Jerusalem on to the world stage, again using their people as pawns to gain support and sympathy, but not for the creation of a Palestinian State. The rabid haters of the Jewish people and the traitors (Hello, Rahm Emmanuel, are you listening?) know very well that once this happens, Israel will be no more.
Since becoming a nation of the world in 1948, Israel has been America's most loyal friend and supporter in the Middle East.
"Well, it's supported by wealthy Jews here in the States", my critics claim.
"Well, so what? Wealthy Jews in America have just as much of a stake in their ancestral homeland as the Jews currently living in Judea and Samaria."
"Well, the US Government sells Israel all their weapons," they further claim.
" That's also true. But did you know that since Obama took office there has been an arms embargo against Israel? Meanwhile, the closet Muslim has conducted numerous deals for military arms with the Arab nations surrounding Israel. I guess oil talks, and bull-S**t walks!"
Meanwhile, Obama would rather bow before the King of Saudi Arabia, a sovereign whose nation not only has one of the most vile records of human right abuses in the world, but who rejects Israel's legitimacy as a nation. (So why was this guy determine to play a role in the now brain-dead "road map to peace?")
What other President of the United States has ever bowed before the sovereign of another nation? Obama is often compared to former President Jimmy Carter (their big toothy grins are practically identical) and yet, I have to honestly say not even the former peanut farmer from Plains ever bowed before another world leader!
This is America. Our founders disclaimed allegiance to the despotic King George III of England in order to establish themselves as a free and independent nation. (Not a colonial power as B. Hussein Obama so gallantly claims as he prances through Europe apologizing for America's perceived arrogance)...socialists living in glass houses should not throw stones...
The Greatest Generation of WWII stormed the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe from the evil chokehold of Nazi Germany, and raised Old Glory on Iwo Jima as a symbol to those held captive in the Japanese-occupied lands of the Pacific that the hour of their deliverance was upon them.
While our Commander-In-Chief is required to show respect and courtesy to the presidents and prime ministers and sovereigns of other lands, as the LEADER of the FREE WORLD, an American President NEVER bends and scrapes before anyone!
And now Obama seems determine to make Israel into an international pariah, especially in the wake of the recent Gaza flotilla fiasco.
The Pharaoh of ancient Egypt tried to mess with God's Chosen People and like him, it will be Obama's own pride and arrogance in the sight of Jehovah which will ultimately be his undoing.

...and I will gain honor and glory over Pharaoh and all his hosts and the Egyptians shall know I AM THE LORD." Exodus 14:4

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