Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Truth About Israel

Contrary to world condemnation, Israel had every right to board the
"terrortilla". We Americans have no idea what it is like to live
under the constant threat of annihilation.
Furthermore, tiny Israel has one of the highest standards of living in
the Near East. So maybe it was partially built on the donations of
wealthy Jews in the West. So what? Last year, Obama issued a silent
boycott against selling US arms to Israel, while selling millions of
dollars worth of military hardware to the hostile Arab nations
surrounding her. The Pavlov canines in the American news media who
slobber regularly at Obama's feet conveniently failed to report on
this boycott. Only recently, Obama gave away 400 million dollars to PA
Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for his “cause.” Meanwhile, illiterate Arab
children still run and play in raw sewage in the streets of Ramallah,
while their teen-aged brothers and sisters are being groomed to become
"glorious suicide bombers."
Jesus said, “You will know a tree by it’s fruits.”
Israel leads the world, even surpassing the United States, in science,
technology, and medicine.
Many US Fortune 500 companies in these fields have offices in Tel Aviv
and Jerusalem.
And, unlike the belligerent Arab regimes which surround Israel and
long to see it’s demise, Israel does not have an integration problem.
Unlike the recent racial unrest weve witnessed in the central Asian
country of Kyrgyrstan, and despite the outrageous lies and smear
campaign being conducted by her detractors in the biased world news
media, Israel does a very good job accomodating it’s Arab
citizens.They are guaranteed the right to a good education, to
employment, to worship unhindered, and the right to vote in the
political elections, the same as their Jewish neighbors. Eleven
members of the Israeli Knesset are Arabs. Furthermore, Druze Arabs,
(those of primarily Syrian and Lebanese descent) regularly serve in
the Israeli Defense Force.

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