Sunday, October 9, 2011

What God truly Wants

God is not the enemy of man. Satan is the enemy. He is the enemy of
our souls. He is using the perversion of Islam to try and thwart God’s
divine plan for mankind. The Muslims erroneously believe that because
Abraham rejected his first born child, Ishmael, that God can not
really be seen as a father to his children. Because Hagar was a
servant, they believe that they are to be servants. They serve Allah.
This is not true. God loved and blessed Ishmael and made him the
father of twelve nations. Yet, because of the haughtiness and jealousy
of Hagar over Isaac, who was exalted in his father’s house as the
promised heir, she passed this bitterness and resentment on to her son
and the generations of people who claim their heritage from him.
Islam provides a satanic counterfeit to the One True God. It gives the
wounded children of Ishmael a sense of power and authority, albeit
false power and authority. Why God chose the Jews to bring salvation
into the world remains a mystery to all of us. They are not a morally
or spiritually superior people and many Jews are Jews in name only,
meaning they do not believe in God and many, especially here in the
United States, are hardcore liberals who support many immoral causes
like abortion and gay marriage. Meanwhile, most of Israel is secular.
In fact, Israel has one of the highest abortion rates in the world.
However, aside from these things, God has never forsaken His covenant
with His Jewish people.
True peace and restoration will only come when the Jews begin to come
back into their Church. This is where the ministry of Messianic Jews
comes into play. From their ranks will come- 144,000 chosen from the
twelve tribes- young men trained to witness the gospel of Yeshua to
their people. Many will be saved, but there will be a remnant that
will remain opposed to the true gospel message as there will be
gentiles who refuse to acknowledge Yeshua as the Messiah. It will only
be when the Jews start to come back to the Church that the children of
Ishmael who hear the words of the gospel and are saved, will follow
This is what God wants, the children of Isaac and Ishmael, Jews and
Gentile, the wild olive branch grafted in, to come together in
restoration to praise and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Time,
however, is, as it is said, of the essence.

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