Monday, June 6, 2016

June Brides and Blooms: Featuring The Legendary Beauty Of Elizabeth Taylor

Gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor
"Father of the Bride"
 Barbie Doll

June roses are blooming,
and wedding bells are ringing...

The spectacular
Elizabeth Taylor Rose

"If I had to choose just one day
To last my whole life through
It would surely be that Sunday
The day that I met you..."

 That Sunday, That Summer
  Lyrics By Joe Sherman/George David Weiss
"If I had to choose one moment
To live within my heart
It would be that tender moment
Recalling how we started
Darling, it would be when you smiled at me
That way, that Sunday, that summer..."

Elizabeth with co-stars Spencer Tracy, 
Joan Bennett, and Don Taylor in  delightful comedy
"Father Of The Bride"

Another look at the beautiful
Elizabeth Taylor 
"Father of the Bride"
Barbie Doll

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