Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Stargazer

 “The morning stars sang together,
 and all the sons of God
 shouted for joy.”
 Job 38:7

Yesterday morning, I slipped out
 from beneath the cozy nest of blankets on my bed
 and dressing myself warmly, ventured out
 into the frosty air of late October
 to see the stars scattered 
like twinkling diamonds
 across the clear predawn sky. 
 As I gazed up with silent wonder
 at the glittering celestial patterns, 
my soul was swept away
 by the majestic beauty of the heavens
 and the infinite greatness of my Creator.
 My heart's song echoed that of the psalmist's 
hymn of praise: 
"The heavens declare the glory of God;
 and the firmament shows and proclaims
 His handiwork."
 Psalm 19:1

"O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made,
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed:
Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee:
How great Thou art! How great Thou art!
Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee:
How great Thou art! How great Thou art!"
- "How Great Thou Art"

Swedish folk melody
 adapted by Stuart K. Hine
Inspired by the poem, "O Store Gud"
 By Reverend Carl G. Boberg

"Lift up your eyes on high and see!
 Who has created these?
 He Who brings out their host by number
 and calls them all by name;
 through the greatness of His might
 and because He is strong in power, 
not one is missing or lacks anything."
Isaiah 40:26

I am continually amazed by the depths of space,
 those stars and planets beyond the realm 
of an earthbound stargazer's vision;
  images of the intricacy, 
and distinctive order of the universe,
 captured so beautifully
 by the Hubble Space Telescope

"But in the last of these days
 He has spoken to us
 in the person of a Son,
 Whom He appointed Heir 
and lawful Owner of all things,
 also by and through Who
 He created the worlds
 and the reaches of space
 and ages of time, 
He arranged them in order."
Hebrews 1:2

"And God said,
 Let there be lights
 in the expanse of the heavens
 to separate the day from the night,
 and let them be signs and tokens
 of God's provident care,
 and to mark season, days, and years.
And let there be lights 
in the expanse of the sky
 to give light upon the earth.
 And it was so."
Genesis 1:14-15

 "I see Him, but not now; 
I behold Him, but He is not near. 
A star shall come forth out of Jacob,
 and a Scepter shall rise out of Israel
 and crush all the corners of Moab
 and break down all the sons of Sheth,
 Moab's sons of tumult." 
Numbers 24:17

Behold a star from Jacob shining,
And a scepter from Israel rising,
To reign in glory over the nations.

Like some bright morning star is He,
The promise of the coming day,
Beyond the night of sorrow.

Break forth, 0 Light!
We, our joyful hearts uplifting with thanksgiving,
Hail the brightness of Thy rising.

Words: Based upon Numbers 24:17
Music: From “Christus” 

by Felix Mendelssohn

The prophetic vision of Moses
 was fulfilled by the birth
 of Yeshua, Ha'Mashiach,
 the Star of Jacob!

"Where is He Who has been born
 King of the Jews?
 For we have seen His star 
in the east at its rising 
and have come to
 worship Him."
  Matthew 2:2

Lo! the star in the East! over Bethlehem’s plain,
It shines as a guide to the place
Where the weary, worn trav’ler his hopes may attain,
And worship that Infant of Days.
While forth from their treasures, frankincense and gold,
And the costliest spices they bring.
For in their distant land it had long been foretold,
The birth of that glorious King.


Let the glad world rejoice! Let the angelic bands
Their anthems triumphantly sing!
To God be the glory! Sound forth, all ye lands,
The coming of Jesus our King.
Lo! the star in the East! we may gaze on it now;
Be pilgrims, with it for our guide;
The lesson of Bethlehem, still ever new,
The manger, and cross where He died.
We may read, we may learn, from His birth to His grave,
The teachings of peace and of love;
For this is the King Who is mighty to save;
His grace and His love we may prove.

Lo! the star in the East! let us follow it still,
No pilgrim it e’er led astray;
Let us bow at His feet, let us study His will,
And ever His precepts obey.
What treasures have we to present to our King,
As an offering fitting and true?
Our hearts and ourselves, blessèd Jesus, we bring,
Accept us, and form us anew.

Lo! the star in the East! yet with far wider rays,
Shall its glorious shining go forth;
And earnestly plead, God would hasten the day,
When His knowledge shall fill all the earth.
We would lift up our prayers, we would strengthen our hands,
Would send out our means all abroad,
Till the glorious Gospel is heard in all lands,
And the world is converted to God.


 Words: J. M. Low­rie, in The Sil­ver Song,
Music: Will­iam A. Og­den,
 (To­le­do, Ohio: W. W. Whit­ney, 1870), 
num­ber 115. (MIDI, score)

 Wise Men And Women Still Seek Him


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