Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I'm Sure God Knew...

I'm sure God knew that we would need
A reassuring touch...

Little Girl and a Goat
Painting by Donald Zolan

When He made the friendly handclasp
That warms our hearts so much.

The Chase
Painting by William Ireland

I'm sure He knew that skies so blue
Would ofttime turn to gray;
He put the sunshine in a smile
To chase the clouds away.

Rain Shower
Illustration by Ruth Morehead

God knew, I'm sure, that you and I
Would need a helping hand,
Or a kind word, to let us know
Others care and understand. 

My Sister, My Friend
Painting by Sandra Kuck

God must have known our hearts would need
A special kind of cheer;
I'm sure that's why He sent dear friends
To journey with us here. 

 "I'm Sure God Knew..."
Written by Kay Hoffman

Cat Napping
Painting by Donald Zolan

"And live in love, as Christ
loved us and handed Himself
over for us as a
sacrificial offering to God
for a fragrant aroma."
Ephesians 5:2
Little Girl In Her Garden
Painting by Brenda Burke

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