Sunday, May 31, 2015

"It's Midnight. Can You Smell The Rain?"

Once upon a midnight, dearies,
As I pondered, not weak, nor weary
Insomnia reigned...

But, alas there ravens
Tap-tapping at the door or the pane,
Or tap dancing across my chamber floor
For that matter!

No ravens for sleeplessness' cure
Just good ole rain that
The heavens are gonna pour...
That's right, folks,

Rain, Rain, Rain,
Good ole steady rain for sure!

I think the rain 
Must be a real pain,
And surely a bane
To those who dwell
Beneath the swell
Bereft of a gutter

Or some kind of drain...

"It's Midnight. Can You Smell The Rain?"
A poem by Pamela Denise Brida

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