Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Real Life Runaway Princess Bride

The innocent Bavarian beauty
who became the Empress of Austria
and Queen of Hungary
was actually a tormented
free spirit who never
adapted to life at court...

Beautiful Empress 
Elizabeth of Austria
24 December 1837 – 10 September 1898

Although her husband, the
Emperor Franz Joseph I,
 loved his 
young wife dearly,
 their marriage
was deeply affected by his
meddlesome mother,
Princess Sophie, who
called Sisi,
"a silly young mother"
 and actually took control over
the upbringing of the 
couples' daughters, even forbidding
young Elizabeth to breast feed
her children.

As a result,
Elizabeth greatly suffered,
 for many years from
bouts of depression.

She internalized her
emotional pain by
becoming vain about
her appearance,
through starving herself
and vigorous bouts of exercise
to stay thin.  She even
resorted to wearing corsets
in order to maintain a
sixteen inch waistline.

after Elizabeth
 gave birth to
a son, Rudolph,
her standing in
the Austrian court seemed to
improve, but, she was often
too restless for 
the restrictive atmosphere.
Sisi developed
a lasting kinship with the
people of neighboring Hungary,
which she often liked to visit.

Perhaps the carefree lifestyle
of the Rom, or Gypsy folk of
not to mention her
eccentric father's
 love of following
after traveling circuses
when she was a child,
  contributed to
the Empress' own wanderlust.

After the sudden death of her son,
Elizabeth withdrew from 
court duties and traveled widely
around Europe.

It was while
visiting Geneva in 1898,
that Sisi's own life ended
through a senseless tragedy.
The Empress was stabbed to
death by an Italian anarchist.

Empress Elizabeth of Austria
Postage Stamp

The Empress Sisi 
Barbie Doll

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