Thursday, November 12, 2015

Awakening The Sleeping Giants

"There were giants on the earth in
those days...and also afterward...

 Remains of a race 
of giants found on
Catalina Island, California
and in Spirit Cave
in Nevada.

"There were giants on the earth in
those days...and also afterward...
when the sons of God
lived with the daughters of men,
and they bore children to them.
These were the mighty men
who were of old,
men of renown."
Genesis 6:4

Catalina Island

Catalina Island, 
located off the coast of California,
 was once owned by
 the wealthy Wrigley Chewing Gum family.

 In the 1920's, 
under the direction 
of the Catalina Museum,
 they hired Professor Ralph Glidden 
to conduct a series
 of excavations on the island. 

What Dr. Glidden and his team of diggers
 found there made headlines around the world,
 and yet, only ten short years later,
 the evidence of their extraordinary findings 
concerning America's past
 had mysteriously vanished.

Dr. Glidden and his team had exhumed
 the remains of 3,781 skeletons
 of a race of blond-haired giants.

 The tallest was believed
 to be a king who measured 9’2” tall! 
The average height of the skeletons
 was determined to be around 7 feet.

In addition, Dr. Glidden's team uncovered
 the remains of a megalithic temple
 which dated back to the era 
 of Stonehenge in England.

 Ancient Stonehenge

Radio-carbon dating later revealed
 that some of the skeletons unearthed
 were 7,000 years old.
 However, for more than 50 years, 
the evidence of these phenomenal discoveries
were vigorously denied and suppressed
 by both the University of California
 and the Smithsonian Institute. 

However, in 2011, 
it was finally admitted
 that the evidence of these finds 
had been locked away from the public's eye
 and held in restricted access rooms
 at the Smithsonian Institute,
 along with hundreds of photographs
 and detailed field reports.

It seems that at the time
 of the discoveries on Catalina Island,
 and even before this,
 the Smithsonian was actively pushing 
the theory of evolution. 

 the discoveries of
 these giant beings,
both on Catalina Island,
 and in other areas across
 United States of America,
as well as more recent discoveries
found all over the world, 
 blows that bogus theory
 clean out of the water!

Meanwhile, in the Middle East...

The Gilgal is the Israeli Stonehenge.
הַגִּלְגָּל  or Gilgal in Hebrew means,
"circle of stones" 
רָפָא or Rephaim,
refers to a race of giants
which lived in an area 
east of the Jordan River,
which is today
part of the
Golan Heights.

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It's all connected...
to forthcoming events in these
last of the last days
on planet earth...

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"Do not let your hearts be troubled,
You believe in and trust in
and rely on God;
believe in and adhere to,
trust in, and rely 
on Me."
John 14:1   

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