Monday, November 9, 2015

Little Girls & Dolls

My Doll and I

When I look at
my great big beautiful doll,
So golden-haired
and so slim and so tall,
I'm thankful
that she belongs to me,
And that she's as sweet
as a doll can be.

But I sometimes wonder
just what she thinks!
Never one lash of her eye
she blinks.
And I wonder if
in her stuffed parts there stir
Some thanks because
I belong to her!
-Louise Hetrick

Shirley Temple and friend.


A Doll Lover's Dream!

Shirley Temple's
Fabulous Doll Collection


a real life 
fairy tale world
of innocence lost...

The beautiful daughters of
Czar Nicholas II of Russia
with their dolls.
 Clockwise from the left:
Grand Duchess Marie,
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany
holding the Czarevitch Alexei;
Grand Duchess Olga
Czarina Alexandra Fyodorovna,
Grand Duchess Anastasia.
 Czar Nicholas II of Russia 
Grand Duchess Tatiana

A clearer portrait of
the children of Czar Nicholas II
From left to right:
Tatiana, Anastasia, Alexei, Marie, Olga

Illustration from the classic book,
"Let's Play House"
By Lois Lenski

"Dolly and Me"
Bessie Pease Gutman

In keeping with my favorite
holiday coming up this month
here's a paper version of
one of my favorite
collectible dolls
Miss Dolly Dingle
and her friend,
Billy Bumps

Illustrator Grace Drayton
was the creator of
Dolly Dingle
and also the
"Campbell's Soup Kids"

A Lucky Find...

During one of my recent
thrift store therapy sessions
I came across a rare
17-inch Sweet Sue Walker Doll
from the 1950's
tossed up on a shelf 
full of Christmas decorations.
I quickly came to her rescue!
My doll is in fairly good condition
and looks very similar to the
doll in the picture below.
And I only paid $10.00 for her!

Sweet Sue
American Character Doll

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