Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Cross Was His Own

They borrowed a bed to lay His head
When Christ the Lord came down;
They borrowed the ass in the mountain pass
For Him to ride to town;
But the crown that He wore
and the Cross that He bore
Were His own-
The Cross was His own.

He borrowed the bread when the crowd He fed
On the grassy mountain side,
He borrowed the dish of broken fish
With which He satisfied.
But the crown that He wore
and the Cross that He bore
Were His own-
The Cross was His own.

He borrowed the ship in which to sit
To teach the multitude;
He borrowed a nest in which to rest-
He had never a room so rude;
But the crown that He wore
and the Cross that He bore
Were His own-
The Cross was His own.

He borrowed a room on His way to the tomb
The Passover Lamb to eat;
They borrowed a cave for Him a grave,
They borrowed a winding sheet.
But the crown that He wore
and the Cross that He bore
Were His own-
The Cross was His own.
-Author Unknown

White Crucifixion
Marc Chagall
Art Institute of Chicago

This haunting portrayal 
of the Crucifixion,
as seen through the eyes
 of Jewish artist Marc Chagall,
speaks to me of the many centuries
 of unwarranted cruelty and persecution
suffered by the Jewish people, at the
hands of those calling themselves
 members of "the body of Christ".

What these "Christians" failed
to realize is, that by striking out at the Jews,
calling them "Christ-killers" and waging a
continuous war against them in both
words and deeds, puts them
squarely in the camp of the enemies
of God Himself.

Today there is a new attack aimed at
 the Jewish people and Israel called,
 Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions,
better known as the BDS Movement,
which is being sponsored not only by
secular institutions and nations, but,
by those calling themselves the
followers of Christ. 

Jesus Christ, whose real name
is Yeshua, which is Hebrew for Joshua,
was born a member of the tribe of Judah.
Therefore, self-professed, "Christians"
supporting the lies and deception of
the BDS Movement, are actually
taking a stand against Christ Himself.

Marc Chagall painted,
 "White Crucifixion" 
in the late 1930's,  
a time of great uncertainty across Europe,
 as a scurrilous mongrel of a dictator
 rose to power in Nazi Germany, 
barking his demands for
"racial purity" and for the elimination of
all people he deemed to be non-Aryan,
reserving a distinct hatred for the Jews,
both in his country and elsewhere.

Like the fight for abortion-on-demand 
rights by certain politicians
 and groups in America today,
German Chancellor Adolf Hitler declared war
against those he deemed unfit to live, 
 thus declaring war on 
the very image and likeness of the Creator.

"For You did form my inward
parts; You did knit me together
in my mother's womb."
Psalm 139:13

Marc Chagall recognized the impending
doom facing his people and managed to escape,
finding safe haven in the United States of America.
 Meanwhile, others saw the rising storm clouds as
the armies of the Third Reich swept
across Europe, but their reticence in
not realizing the danger until it was too late
cost many people their lives.

It was only after the Allied liberation of
Europe that those who found refuge elsewhere
 like Marc Chagall, as well as the rest of the world,
witnessed the fallen nature of mankind firsthand,
through the appalling evil of the Holocaust.

And yet, only three short years after the
end of World War II,  the nation of Israel
was born in a single day, thus fulfilling
 the words spoken thousands
of years before by the Prophet Isaiah:

"Before Zion travailed, she gave birth;
her pain came upon her, she was
delivered of a male child.
Who has heard of such a thing?
Who has seen such things?
Shall a land be born in one day?
Or shall a nation be brought forth
in a moment? For as soon as
Zion was in labor, 
she brought forth her children."
Isaiah 66:7-8

All the satanically-driven forces of
Hitler's Third Reich failed to wipe out the
seed of Abraham from the earth.
"And I will make your descendants
to multiply as the stars of the heavens..."
Genesis 26:4 

Never in the world had their been
such a momentous event, as what
happened on May 14, 1948.

The nation of Israel, born in one day,
is living proof that the
 Living God of the Universe
always keeps His promises.
On that very same day, 
American President Harry Truman 
was one of the first world leaders to
recognize the new nation of Israel.

We now have a new leader,
President Donald J. Trump, who, is
not only a friend and supporter of the
nation and people of Israel,
but, has openly declared his intention
to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv
to Jerusalem, to officially recognize
that city as the eternal capital of the
nation and people of Israel.
If he succeeds in his plan, he will be
the first sitting US President\
 in recent history to do so.

The City of Adonai
Jerusalem, Israel

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