Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Valentine

Go, Cupid, and my sweetheart tell

I love her well.

Yes, though she tramples on my heart

And rends the bleeding thing apart;

And though she rolls a scornful eye

On doting me when I go by;

And though she scouts at everything

As tribute unto her I bring-

Apple, banana, caramel-

Haste, Cupid, to my love and tell,

In spite of all, I love her well!

And further say I have a sled

Cushioned in blue and painted red!

The groceryman has promised I

Can "hitch" whenever he goes by-

Go, tell her that, and furthermore,

Apprise my sweetheart that a score

Of other little girls implore

The boon of riding on that sled

Painted and hitched, as foresaid;-

And tell her, Cupid, only she

Shall ride upon that sled with me!

Tell her this all, and further tell

I love her well.

In spite of all, poor, besotted Teddy loves his dolly well!

"A Valentine"
By Eugene Field

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