Friday, February 2, 2018


The second day of the month of February is traditionally known as Candlemas,
marking forty days after Christmas.  This day commemorates the Presentation
of Christ in the Temple.  In the early Church, the practice of carrying lighted 
candles in procession symbolizes Jesus as the "Light of the world".
In many European countries, Christmas decorations are taken down
in homes and churches on this day.

"Simeon took Him up in his arms and praised and thanked God
and said, "And now, Lord, You are releasing Your servant to depart,
 to leave this world in peace, according to Your word. For with my own
eyes I have seen Your salvation."
Luke 2:28-30

The Presentation In The Temple
Giovanni Bellini

Light of the Gentile nations,
Thy people's joy and love,
Drawn by Thy Spirit hither,
We gladly come to prove
Thy presence in Thy temple,
And wait with earnest mind
As Simeon once had waited
His Savior God to find.

Yes, Lord, Thy servants meet Thee,
E'en now in ev'ry place,
Where Thy true Word hath promised
That they should see Thy face.
Thou yet wilt gently grant us,
Who gather round Thee here,
In faith's strong arms to bear Thee,
As once that aged seer.

Be Thou our joy, our brightness,
That shines 'mid pain and loss,
Our sun in times of terror,
The glory round our cross;
A glow in sinking spirits,
A sunbeam in distress,
Physician, friend in sickness;
In death our happiness.

Let us, O Lord, be faithful
With Simeon to the end,
That so his dying song may
From all our hearts ascend;
"O Lord, now let Thy servant
Depart in peace for aye,
Since I have seen my Savior,
Have here beheld His day."

My Savior, I behold Thee
Now with the eye of faith;
No foe of Thee can rob me,
Though bitter words he saith;
Within Thy heart abiding,
As Thou dost dwell in me,
No pain, no death has terrors
To part my soul from Thee!

Light Of The World
Harold Lyon

Light Of The Gentile Nations
(Herr Jesu, Licht der Heiden)
Johann Franck
Translated from German by
Catherine Winkworth

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