Friday, February 16, 2018

On My Mind: The School Shootings In Parkland, Florida

The School Shooting In Parkland, Florida

"Don't tell me tomorrow isn't the appropriate time to debate
gun violence. If you're a political leader doing nothing about
this slaughter, you're an accomplice."
Representative Chris Murphy (D-CT)

Almost every single day, a little over 25 miles from where I live,
there are random acts of gun violence committed by people with illegal
 firearms on the mean streets of Camden, New Jersey and
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The perpetrators of these crimes are
not mentally ill and they know exactly what they are doing.
Yet, it seems to me that the only time progressive, gun-control
advocates like the one quoted above get up on their high horses
about gun violence in our society is when a tragedy like this
recent school shooting in Florida happens.

I might add that Philadelphia is a city which has been run by 
a succession of Democratic administrations, along with Camden just across
the Delaware River.  In fact, in many towns and cities across America
where Democrats rule, gun violence is rampant, and only seems to
increase from year to year, despite many of these places having some
of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

 Representative Murphy, with his provoking tweet:  "If you're
a political leader doing nothing about this slaughter, you're an accomplice"
along with the rest of the anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment crowd crying
 foul,  while trying to use this latest shooting tragedy to push their
  left-wing political agenda to disarm law-abiding Americans
and to do away with our constitutional right to own guns
 ought to take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror.

In my opinion it has primarily been the godless, anti-life,
 pro-death policies of the Democratic Party, along with their duplicitous
conspirators in the mainstream media, which have instigated
 the dramatic increase of immorality and lawlessness
within our national society today.

As shocked and saddened spectators of another
 mass shooting, the people of America have once again
 been left to grapple with many unanswered questions, 
the most important being:
How could this tragic loss of life have been prevented?

  I tend to agree with President Trump's assessment
of the shooter's mental health.  
Nicholas Cruz is indeed a deeply troubled person
 with a tendency towards unpredictable and violent behavior.
Neighbors who witnessed police cars pulling into Cruz's
driveway on a regular basis knew this about him.
The high school which had expelled him knew this too.
 Family members with whom he lived knew he owned
the gun he used on his rampage at the school.
Even the FBI had been informed about a comment Cruz
made five months ago via You Tube in which he stated,
"I'm going to be a professional school shooter."
The signs of impending danger from this human powder keg
getting ready to explode were there for all to see, and yet, no one really
 saw them until it was too late.

After the shooting was over, Cruz was arrested without
incident by the police.  His court appointed lawyer is saying
that her client is now showing remorse over his crime.

Meanwhile, agenda-wielding, gun control advocates and the media, 
  whom normally scoff at the idea of prayer, will continue, unabated,
 to declare that the time has come to ban all gun sales, disarm 
law-abiding, American taxpayers, and do away 
 with the Second Amendment forever.

Unfortunately, even drastic measures like these would fail
 in preventing the flourishing of evil intentions within
the hearts of fallen human beings.

If there was ever a time for our nation to seek deliverance from
the spirits of murder and death which plague our society, and
to call upon the Lord for His mercy and compassion, wisdom,
and protection, it is now.

Prayer Vigil at Parkridge Church
Parkland, Florida

I, the Lord of sea and sky,
I have heard My people cry.
All who dwell in dark and sin,
My hand will save.
I who made the stars of night,
I will make their darkness bright.
Who will bear My light to them?
Whom shall I send?
Here I am Lord, Is it I Lord?
I have heard You calling in the night.
I will go, Lord, if You lead me.
I will hold Your people in my heart.

Here I Am
Collin Raye

My heart and my prayers are with the families and friends 
of those whose lives were taken in this tragedy.
May God comfort you in this time of terrible sorrow and loss.


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