Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Signs Of Spring


Lily Of The Valley

All that is sweet, delightful,
and amiable in this world,
in the serenity of the air,
the fineness of the seasons,
the joy of light,
the melody of sounds,
the beauty of colors,
the fragrancy of smells,
the splendor of
our precious stones,
is nothing else but Heaven
breaking through the veil
of this world,
manifesting itself
in such a degree
and darting forth
in such variety
so much of it's own nature.
-William Law

"Girl In The Lilac Dress"
Eugen von Blaas

"Flowers may
beckon towards us,
but they speak
toward heaven
and God."
-Henry Ward Beecher

Fairy Tulips

"Flowers are
food and medicine
to the soul."
-Luther Burbank

Yellow Daffodils and Purple Hyacinths

"Consider the lilies
how they grow.
They neither toil
nor spin,
nor weave;
yet I tell you,
even Solomon
in all his glory
was not arrayed
like one of these."
Luke 12:27

 Purple Lilies

"But seek first of all
His kingdom
and His righteousness
and then all these things
taken together
will be given you besides.
So do not worry
or be anxious
about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will
have worries and anxieties
of its own.
Sufficient for each day
is its own trouble."
Matthew 6:33-34

Sweet Peas

"To everything there is a season
and a time for every matter
or purpose under heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Ride The Wind 

Garden of Spring Delight

Spring has now unwrapped the flowers,
 day is fast reviving,
Life in all her growing powers

 towards the light is striving:
Gone the iron touch of cold,

 winter time and frost time,
Seedlings, working through the mould,

 now make up for lost time.
Herb and plant that,
 winter long, slumbered at their leisure,
Now bestirring, green and strong,

 find in growth their pleasure;
All the world with beauty fills,

 gold the green enhancing,
Flowers make glee among the hills,

 set the meadows dancing.
Through each wonder of fair days
 God Himself expresses;
Beauty follows all His ways,

 as the world He blesses:
So, as He renews the earth, 

Artist without rival,
In His grace of glad new birth

 we must seek revival.
Earth puts on her dress of glee;
 flowers and grasses hide her;
We go forth in charity—

brothers all beside her;
For, as man this glory sees 

in th’awakening season,
Reason learns the heart’s decrees,

 hearts are led by reason.
Praise the Maker, all ye saints;
 He with glory girt you,
He Who skies and meadows paints

 fashioned all your virtue;
Praise Him, seers, heroes, kings,

 heralds of perfection;
Brothers, praise Him,

 for He brings all to resurrection!
13th Century Flower Carol
Author Unknown

Lenten Roses

It’s amazing and incredible,
But it’s as true as it can be,
God loves and understands us all
And that means you and me–
His grace is all sufficient
For both the young and old,
For the lonely and the timid,
For the brash and for the bold–
His love knows no exceptions,
So never feel excluded,
No matter what your past has been,
Trust God to understand,
And no matter what your problem is
Just place it in His Hand–
For in all of our unloveliness
This great God loves us still,
He loved us since the world began,
And what’s more, He always will!

"Spring Is In The Air"
Helen Steiner Rice

(Passion Flower)

Blessed are they of the Easter faith,
For theirs is the risen Lord;
For them He lives, 
and to them He gives
The fountain of life restored."
-Clarence M. Burkholder

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