Monday, September 7, 2015

Arise From The Dust

The Word Of God Stands Forever

I run in the path of your commands,
 for you have set my heart free.
Psalm 119:32

     What does it mean to be free?
 Does it mean
 that you just do anything
 you please at any time? 
That you throw off 
all order and restraint,
 you’re just self-indulgent, 
self-pleasing, self-willed...
 Let me tell you, friend,
  that’s not real freedom.
 That’s slavery.
 It’s slavery to self
 and it’s slavery to sin.

     But there is a kind

 of real freedom
 that comes when God
 sets our heart free.
 What’s the evidence? 

 When we are truly liberated
 by the grace of God
 and the power of God,
 it’s not to please ourselves,
 it’s not to do our own thing,
 but it’s to be
 able to obey God
 and be able to obey Him
 with delight, 
to obey Him
 with readiness,
 not reluctantly,
 not grudgingly,
 but freely and joyfully...
 I just long to know
 what Your will is.
 And when I discover Your will,
 I run in that pathway.
 There’s a note of eagerness,
 a note of excitement,
 that comes...
not from pleasing self,
 but from seeking to please God,
 from doing His will.
 The Bible says,
 “He that does the will of God
 abides forever.”
-Derek Prince 

America Is No Longer One Nation
Under God...

There is no human being, no institution,
 no political, or social, or economic policy
on earth today that can
  save the United States of America.

 In my heart,
 I know there is only one way
 this nation that I love
 will be saved from ruin
and that is through the rising up
 of the real believers in Jesus Christ,
those who truly understand the
meaning of freedom, which is,
that true and lasting freedom
comes only through God
and obeying Him.
Believers need to
 stand in the gap
 for this nation in prayer,
 and to call for the revival of 
Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-led
 faith across this land,
  to rise up and reiterate the oath
 declared by our pilgrim ancestors
who landed at
  Cape Henry, Virginia in 1607
 and reclaim this land for 
the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Cape Henry Cross

 There are so many
 walking wounded people
 in our nation
 who need to hear
 that there is real hope 
and change
available to them,
 and that this
real hope and change
for a better life
 comes by
 believing and trusting
 in Jesus Christ
as their Lord and Savior!

Time is of the essence.
  I really believe the Lord is coming soon. 
 And I believe, as the apostle Peter warned, 
that, the Lord's coming will be unexpected,
 like a thief in the night.
 (2 Peter 3:10).  
Yet, unlike the thief
in the night,
the Lord is coming
only for those who
belong to Him.

The Eastern Gate
Jerusalem, Israel

 "And He (the Lord) said to me,
Son of man, this is the place
of My throne
and the place of the soles
of My feet,
where I will dwell
in the midst of
the children of Israel
Ezekiel 43:7

"Days of Elijah"
Paul Wilbur

"Arise from the dust,
throw off the contempt
of nations,
for thy time has come."
-Am Olam

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