Sunday, September 20, 2015

Raggedy Ann Centennial 1915-2015

Guess who turns
100 years old this year?

She's one of my
all time favorite dolls!

Raggedy Ann Doll

In the beginning 
of the 20th century,
a very special rag doll
began to captivate the
hearts and imaginations
of both children and
children at heart
across war-weary 

As the story goes, 
a man named 
Johnny Gruelle,
created her
after finding a 
faceless rag doll 
in his mother's attic.

Johnny Gruelle 

 Mr. Gruelle painted the
doll's face and later found
 a unique name for her
 by combining two of
James Whitcomb Riley's 
 popular poems,
"Little Orphant Annie" and 
"The Raggedy Man".

 Thus "Raggedy Ann" 
 the sweet iconic doll
of American childhood
was born.
She soon became
 the favorite playmate of
 Mr. Gruelle's daughter,

Other familiar and
 delightful characters
 of the rag doll series are
Raggedy Andy,
Raggedy Ann's
"long lost brother"
and Beloved Belindy,
a black doll created
by the mother of
Johnny Gruelle
in 1918. 
Both were later
reproduced by 
the Volland Company
in the 1920's.

Beloved Belindy

And who could ever forget...

The Camel With The
Wrinkled Knees
Made By Knickerbocker

Marcella And Her Dolls
By Johnny Gruelle

Marcella Delight Gruelle
 was the first born child
and daughter of 
Johnny and Myrtle Gruelle.
She became ill after being incorrectly
inoculated with a vaccine for smallpox.
After being confined to bed for
many months, Marcella caught
an infection and died.
She was just thirteen years old.

After her untimely
and tragic death,
Mr. Gruelle
re-wrote the 
amusing tales
of Raggedy Ann
he use to tell Marcella,
and to honor her memory
decided to include her
 in the stories.

The first stories of
Marcella and Raggedy Ann
were published by the
P.F. Volland Company
in 1918.

Raggedy Ann and Andy
Over The Years...

Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls
The Volland Company

Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls
 Georgene Novelties

 Rare Marcella Doll
With Raggedy Ann and Andy
 By R. John Wright

Precious Moments Marcella
and Raggedy Ann

The Danbury Mint's
Valentine Sweethearts
 Raggedy Ann and Andy

Mattel's Kelly and Tommy as
Raggedy Ann and Andy

 Porcelain Raggedy Ann Doll
Brass Key Company

Aurora's Limited Edition
100 Year Anniversary Raggedy Ann and Andy

"Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep:

Dear Jesus guard me through the night
And wake me with the morning light."


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