Saturday, July 16, 2016

"To Seek New Friends And Stranger Companies..."

 The Dance of the Little People
 William Holmes Sullivan

Where are the fairies?
Where can we find them?
We've seen the fairy-rings

They leave behind them!
When they have danced all night,
Where do they go?
Lark, in the sky above,
Say, do you know?
Is it a secret
No one is telling?
Why in your garden
Surely they're dwelling!
No need for journeying,
Seek afar:
Where there are flowers,
There fairies are!

-Cicely Mary Barker

 Fairies In The Garden
Cicely Mary Barker

 Round and round the fairies dance!
On bitsy feet they skip and prance
through tiny dew drops to and fro,
til morning comes, and then they go.
 -C.J. Heck


Dancing Fairies
Victorian Postcard

Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?
-Edgar Allan Poe

Hermia speaks...

" And in the wood, where often you and I
Upon faint primrose-beds were wont to lie,
Emptying our bosoms of their counsel sweet,
There my Lysander and myself shall meet;
And thence from Athens turn away our eyes,
To seek new friends and stranger companies.
Farewell, sweet playfellow: pray thou for us;
And good luck grant thee thy Demetrius!
Keep word, Lysander: we must starve our sight
From lovers' food till morrow deep midnight."

-A Midsummer's Night Dream
William Shakespeare

Hermia and Lysander
Midsummer's Night Dream
John Simmons

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