Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Song Of The Lords-And-Ladies Fairy

Here's the song of the Lords-and-Ladies
(in the damp and shade he grows):
I have neither bells nor petals,
like the foxglove or the rose.

Through the length and breadth of England,
many flowers you may see-
Petals, bells, and cups in plenty-
but there's no one else like me.

In the hot-house dwells my kinsman,
Arum-lily, white and fine;
I am not so tall and stately,
but the quaintest hood is mine;

And my glossy leaves are handsome;
I've a spike to make you stare;
And my berries are a glory in September,

Also known as Wild Arum and Jack-In-The-Pulpit,
and a visual delight to discover in the springtime woods,
all parts of the Lords-and-Ladies plant are considered
to be extremely poisonous to people and animals.

"The Song of the Lords-and-Ladies Fairy"
Poem and illustration by
Cecily Mary Barker

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