Thursday, May 3, 2018

National Day Of Prayer 2018

"The choice before us is plain: Christ or chaos, conviction or compromise,
discipline or disintegration. I am rather tired of hearing about our rights and
privileges as Americans. The time is come-it is now-when we ought to hear
about the duties and responsibilities of our citizenship. America's future depends
upon her accepting and demonstrating God's government."
Reverend Peter Marshall Sr.


Lord God of Heaven, who hath so lavishly blessed
this land, make us, Thy people, to be humble.
Keep us ever aware that the good things we enjoy
have come from Thee, that Thou didst lend them to us.

Impress upon our smugness the knowledge that we
are not owners-but stewards; remind us, lest we become
filled with conceit, that one day a reckoning
will be required of us.

Sanctify our love of country, that our boasting may be
turned into humility and our pride into a ministry
to men everywhere.

Help us to make this God's own country by living
like God's own people.  Amen.

Reverend Peter Marshall Sr.
Twice-elected Chaplain of the
United States Senate

"Sanctify Our Love Of Country"
Reverend Peter Marshall Sr.
From the book, "A Man Called Peter"
By Catherine Marshall

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