Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Earth Day Is Every Day

And Elohim said,
"Let there be light."
And there was light.
-Genesis 1:3

A Christian's response
to world ecology.
God gave man
dominion over
all of His creation.

As His tenants
 on planet Earth,
we need to recognize
our responsibility
to take care of
the world
around us.

Caring Starts With You.

Remember this old public service
announcement concerning
our environment?

 "People start pollution. People can stop it"
all boils down to common sense and responsibility
and properly throwing away your trash!

It only takes a spark...
to ignite a massive forest fire!
It only takes a few seconds
to douse a campfire with water
or squash a cigarette butt
under your heel!

Each of us is a caretaker
of the earth.
 So, bloom where you
are planted!

Remember, each new day
is a precious blessing
from God above.

Give thanks to God
for He is good!
Strive to live righteously
before Him.

Spring is in full swing!

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