Monday, April 13, 2015

It's For The Birds

Papa and Mama Cardinal

I have long been an
avid bird watcher.
My writing table is
stationed in front of
my living room windows
which overlook my front yard
flower bed and the
bird feeder, which stands
 next to the wild lilac bush.
The nearly six foot high
  rectangle bird feeder has
been here since I
bought my house
over twenty years ago.

Now that spring has finally sprung,
with warm daytime temps, lots
of sunshine and clear blue skies,
 and the fragrance of
purple hyacinths
 and newly mown grass
 perfuming the mild air,
I sit each morning drinking my coffee,
writing or answering e-mails, or,
working on my latest blog entry...

and watching the birds.

In my neck of the woods,
one of the first birds to show up
to help demolish the new
pile of black oiled
sunflower seeds I've
left out for them is
the sweet, tiny
Tufted Titmouse.

Tufted Titmouse

He or she is often accompanied by
another little bird native to our area
called a Junco.


Meanwhile, it does not take
very long for a pesky, but pretty
Blue Jay, or perhaps a pair
of them, to show up,
their raspy calls 
from their perch in
the lilac's budding branches
alerting the rest of
the local avian community
to come and check out
the lastest
"beakfast specials"
at Pamela's Bird Feeder Cafe!

Blue Jay

The noisy Jays are
often notoriously selfish
at the prospect of sharing
the delicious seeds with
the rest of the birds.
In fact, they often
chase the others
away from the feeder.

But even the territorial
Blue Jays are no match for
the squirrels which
suddenly appear to
eat their share!


Talk about decimating a
pile of seeds in record time!

One of my greatest anticipated joys
every morning
(and often one of the first arrivals
on the scene)
 is a lone red-headed
woodpecker whom I believe
has taken up residence in
the old trees in my side yard.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

I first caught sight of
"Woody" on an
unseasonably warm day
in late autumn
when I spotted him
pecking away at an old
tree right outside my
front door.
I think he (or could it
be a she?)might have
 spent the winter staying
somewhere else,
however, he or she
is back again 
eating breakfast at
my feeder cafe almost
every morning.
Other visitors to
my feeder include...

Brown Wren

...And another sweet little bird
who often looks like he's
wearing a tuxedo!

Carolina Chickadee

I also am visited by
gentle cooing mourning doves...

Grey Mourning Dove

 Common Grackle

"Come and get it!"

I have witnessed more than a few
"Grack Attacks"  at the feeder,
especially if I have left out
some real goodies
like stale cinnamon bread,
cookies, apple pie,
or more recently, left over
cake from Easter as
a special treat for my
feathered friends!

I was genuinely
surprised one day not
too long ago, by the
unexpected appearance
 of a large black bird
 awkwardly perching
 on the
electrical wire 
running from my
house to the street.
I watched as this
extraordinary bird
with wings like
dark shadows
strove to keep his
balance while
 silently scrutinizing
 the activity at the feeder
from his precarious

The other diners
 quickly scattered out of
the way as the newcomer
 suddenly swooped
down to feast
on a small pile
of seeds
lying untouched
on the ground
near the feeder.

I knew this bird
was no ordinary
common crow.

 With his elongated body
and regal ebony bearing,
I realized, much to
my surprise and delight,
this beautiful and
mysterious visitor
at my feeder was
none other than
a raven!


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