Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life In The Blood

"For the life
(the animal soul)
is in the blood,
and I have given it
for you upon the altar
to make atonement
for your souls;
for it is the blood
that makes atonement,
by reason of the life
which it represents."
Leviticus 17:11

"For this is My blood
of the new covenant,
which is being poured out
for many
for the forgiveness
of sins."
Matthew 26:28

“Ye were not redeemed
 with corruptible things,
 as silver and gold…but with the
 precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb 
without blemish and without spot.”
 1 Peter 1:18-19


The blood of Christ, Thy spotless Lamb,
O God, is all my plea;
Naught else could for my sin atone;
I have no merit of my own,
Which I can bring to Thee.

No sacrifice save His Who bore,
My load upon the tree,
No other plea which lips could frame,
No other blood, no other name,
Accepted is by Thee.

Since Christ has entered by His blood,
The holiest on high;
By that same hallowed blood stained track,
Thou welcomest the wanderer back,
And biddest me draw nigh.

Oh, wondrous cross! Oh precious blood!
Oh death by which I live!
The sinless One, for me made sin,
Doth now His wondrous heart within,
Eternal refuge give.

By that blest cross, that cleansing blood,
I know His power to save;
The merits of His work confess,
I stand in Him completely blest,
A conqueror o’er the grave.

 "The Blood of Christ, Thy Spotless Lamb"
W.S.W. Pond 

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