Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Glen Campbell

I cannot let this month pass by
without paying tribute to
one of the greatest
American country/pop artists
that ever lived!

Happy Birthday
(one day late)
to the legendary
Glen Campbell!

Glen Travis Campbell
was born on
April 22, 1936
 in Billstown, Arkansas

A natural talent,
as a young boy,
Glen started playing the guitar
without the ability to read music.

He gives credit to 
his Uncle Boo
for teaching him
how to play guitar.

In 1954,
Glen moved to New Mexico
where he joined his
uncle's band called,
Dick Bills and
 the Sandia Mountain Boys.

While living in Albuquerque,
Glen appeared on
his uncle's radio show
and performed on
K Circle B Time
a local children's program
on KOB television.

In 1958,
Glen formed his
own group,
the Western Wranglers.

In 1960,
Glen moved to LA
where he was part 
of the group
The Champs.
But Glen was
also in great demand
as a session musician,
and during this early
period in his career
he played on
recordings by
such legendary singers
 as Nat King Cole,
 Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin,
not to mention
Bobby Darrin, Nancy Sinatra,
and an up and coming
pop band called,
The Monkees!

In 1967,
Glen recorded the song,
"Gentle On My Mind".
Not only was this
beautiful ballad
 an overnight sensation,
but I tend to think
of it as
Glen's signature song!

"Gentle On My Mind"

This song was followed
by another big hit,
the heartbreaking,
"By The Time I Get To Phoenix"
This song always makes me tear up!

"By The Time I Get To Phoenix"

In 1968,
Glen won the
Grammy of the Year
for the song,
"By The Time I Get To Phoenix"

I was first introduced to
the golden voice
 of Glen Campbell
as a little girl
 growing up in
the late 1960's and early 1970's.
Along with Petula Clark,
The Beatles, The 5th Dimension,
 Jerry Vale, Herb Alpert
and The Tijuana Brass,
and The Carpenters,
I use to listen to Glen 
singing his songs
 on my parents' 
big television/stereo
console in our living room.
I also remember his
 television variety series,
"The Glen Campbell
 Goodtime Hour"
which aired on CBS
from 1969-72.
 Glen performs
"Folsom Prison Blues"
with the legendary
"Man In Black"
Johnny Cash

In 1969,
Glen starred in 
the western drama,
"True Grit"
with John Wayne
and Kim Darby

True Grit

One of Glen's biggest hits in the 1970's
was the song, "Rhinestone Cowboy"

That 70's Song
Glen sings his hit song, "Southern Nights"
with fellow country singer, Jerry Reed.

Glen and his wife, Kim

In 2005, 
Glen was inducted into the
Country Music Hall of Fame

An Honor Well Deserved!

Only several years
after being inducted into
the Country Music Hall of Fame,
Glen Campbell was
diagnosed with
Alzheimer's Disease.

 One of Glen's last live
performances at the
Hollywood Bowl
June 24, 2012

In April 2014,  Glen was placed in a long-term
care and treatment facility for
Alzheimer's patients.
My heart goes out to Glen and his family.
A devout Christian, he and
 his wife have actively embraced
the teachings of Messianic Judaism
for over 20 years now.

I pray our Healer, Adonai
Jehovah Rofecha,
will restore Glen to
perfect health of
mind, body, and soul.

"My times are in Your hands."
Psalm 31:15

Happy Birthday Mr. Campbell!
God Bless You!

You are in my thoughts 
and prayers

An Encore Performance...
A Country Classic...

"Let It Be Me"
Glen Campbell and daughter,
Debby Campbell

Postscript:  Glen Travis Campbell was called home
to be with his Lord Jesus Christ on August 8, 2017.
May he rest in peace.

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