Thursday, September 22, 2016

September Stepping

"Walking is a man's best medicine."
-  Hippocrates

"In the fall we again fell into rank,
and came home from our walks laden
with the gorgeous trophies of autumn,
as we had once carried in triumph the tasseled 
branches and dainty flowers of spring."
"The American Girls Handy Book"
By Lina Beard and Adelia Beard

Following ancient paths...

Autumn on the windswept English moors.
 The brooding landscape of Emily Bronte's
childhood would later inspire her
foreboding tale of doomed romance
in the novel,
"Wuthering Heights"

 "Not surprisingly, regular walkers report
 better mental clarity and ability to focus. 
Creativity is enhanced because walkers
 have the ability to relax their mind
 and let it wander around 
while they’re walking."
   -Mental Benefits Of Walking
Creating A Good Life

In Autumn Woods
Winslow Homer

 Now that autumn's crisp clear weather is here
try taking a walk every day!

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