Monday, May 22, 2017

Shucking The Scarf

One of the highlights of
President Donald Trump's recent trip to
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was seeing
 our beautiful First Lady Melania's
refusal to cover her head with a scarf
as is required by law in most Islamic nations.

First Lady Melania Trump arriving in Saudi Arabia with
President Donald Trump

Meanwhile, her gorgeous stepdaughter,
 First Daughter Ivanka Trump-Kushner
also refused to wear a head scarf 
while visiting Saudi Arabia

Although former First Ladies
 Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton
also chose not to cover their heads
 while on state visits to Saudi Arabia,
I'm so glad Melania Trump
 and Ivanka Trump-Kushner are carrying on
the tradition of shucking the scarf.

  I have long believed that women being
required to cover their heads with a scarf,
or their entire bodies with the burka,
is symbolic of the spiritual and physical
oppression of women under Islam.

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