Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Fairies Moonlight Dance

"Moonlight Caper"
Laurel Nelson

Nature is quietly sleeping,
Soft sings the murmuring breeze,
Stars in the heavens of azure,
Shine from a far through the trees;

Brightly the moonbeams are gleaming,
Shedding their silvery light,
Sweet is the nightingale's singing
Heard on the calm of the night.

Come, ah come,
Moonbeams to fairies belong;
Light is the song, Tripping along;
Mortals sleep through the night, the night,
Fairies vanish at light, at light.
Ah! then come, hark to the song!
Dance while night is here,
Dance till the beams of day appear.

Dreams of Fairies
Mary Cecily Barker

"The Fairies Moonlight Dance"
M.B. Willis

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