Thursday, January 4, 2018

January Snow & Full Moon Nights

We are currently within the grip of the first major
winter storm of the new year!

This classic Nor'easter whose name is Grayson
blew in during the wee hours of the morning bringing
lots of fine snow and high winds to rattle the treetops.

Snowstorm In My Front Yard
Photograph By Daniel Kelly

This coastal storm will be bringing a one-two punch to our area.
Heavy bouts of wind driven snow are expected until later on today,
 followed by another blast of bone-chilling cold air 
sweeping in from the North via the Arctic Express tonight!

Prior to the arrival of Grayson, we were already in the deep
freeze temperature-wise this week, however, the drastic cold
did not prevent me from venturing outdoors to marvel at 
 the spectacular supermoon rising up in the clear night sky!

In the Cherokee language, January's moon is called, Unolvtani,
or the "Full Cold Moon" and is historically known in tribal culture
as a time of personal reflection, fasting, and purification rituals.

We will experience two full moon cycles this month 
 in the rare phenomena known as a "Blue Moon"
not to mention a full lunar eclipse to boot!
So, all you folks out there like me who love
watching the night sky, stay tuned!

Full Moon And Empty Arms
Ray Noble and His Orchestra

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