Monday, January 22, 2018

The Song Of The Geranium Fairy

One of my greatest joys this time of the year
 is seeing my potted geraniums blooming
in all their scarlet red and pink and white-striped  
 glory across my front window sill.

These cheerful flowers always look so pretty against
 a pristine backdrop of newly fallen snow.
I just have to remind myself to water them weekly!

The Geranium Fairy
Cecily Mary Barker

Red, red, vermilion red,
With buds and blooms in a glorious head!
There isn't a flower, the wide world through,
That glows with a brighter scarlet hue.
Her name-Geranium-ev'ryone knows;
She's just as happy wherever she grows,
In an earthen pot or a garden bed-
Red, red, vermilion red!

She's perfect for an indoor fairy garden...

Cecily Mary Barker's
Geranium Fairy Figurine

"The Song Of The Geranium Fairy"
A poem by Cecily Mary Barker

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