Friday, September 21, 2018

On My Mind: The Scourge Of Second Hand Gossip

"You shall not repeat or raise a false report;
you shall not join with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness."
Exodus 23:1

"The Gossips"
Norman Rockwell

In this so-called 'enlightened age' of 21st century technology
and the lightening-fast communication of the Internet, you would think
there would be a more better understanding and appreciation between
the diverse peoples and cultures of the world.

And while this world has become a whole lot smaller by way of Internet
communication and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter,
the instant, at-your-finger-tips form of communicating via a computer
keyboard has unfortunately given rise to this century's version
of party line gossipmongers in small town and big cities alike,
especially within the United States of America.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh

For the past several weeks, the Senate of the United States has
been attempting to conduct a confirmation hearing for Judge
  Brett Kavanaugh, who was chosen by President Donald Trump 
to be the next justice on the United States Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, his confirmation proceedings have been constantly
disrupted by hired troublemakers as well as various unruly Democratic  
Senate members who stand in political opposition to Judge Kavanaugh, 
primarily due to his strong convictions on the sanctity of life.

The latest hullabaloo comes by the way of allegations made by
a former classmate of Judge Kavanaugh, who claims he attempted
to sexually assault her at a party over 30 years ago.

 His accuser, Christine Blasey-Ford is a psychology professor from California.
Her sudden "recovered memory" came by way of an anonymous letter
 obtained by Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) who purportedly received 
the letter in July and waited until now to release its contents
as a political ploy to further delay Judge Kavanaugh's
confirmation hearing.  However, the true goal of the Democrats
is to stop him from being nominated to the Supreme Court altogether.

Although many people from Judge Kavanaugh's past, including a group
of former female classmates, have come out in defense of his reputation,
claiming that he was always a decent and respectable person both
 as a friend and boyfriend,  the Democrats refuse to let the matter drop.
Ms. Blasey-Ford is being to order to testify before the Senate 
which will serve as another distraction of the matter at hand,
which is what the Democrats want in attempt to smear the
stellar reputation of Brett Kavanaugh, and as a way of getting
their petty revenge against President Donald Trump.

Although he was eventually nominated to the Supreme Court,
conservative Justice Clarence Thomas was also the target
  of unfounded charges of sexual harassment made by college
 law professor Anita Hill back in 1991.

Can anyone spell the word, "H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y?

Why is it that women who make accusations against powerful male
Democrats like former President Bill Clinton, end up being slandered
and harassed  or called "crazy" and "liars" by the news media,
while women who claim allegations of sexual impropriety against
Republicans-like Stormy Daniels did to President Trump- are considered
always credible and have the help and backing of the news media to
spread their alleged claims far and wide?

The Democrats call themselves "the champions of women's rights in America".
Now that is a crazy lie!  Democrats have become the party of death in this nation.
They justify the murder of babies in the womb, they believe in euthanizing the
ill and the disabled, including giving the right to parents of special needs
children to terminate their lives after they are born; and now they are
terrified that Roe vs. Wade-an argument based entirely on fraud-will be
overturned with the addition of another conservative justice on the 
Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, their supporters at Planned Parenthood,
who keep the abortion mills running at full speed ahead in America,
will be forced to fund themselves or cease operations.

It seems to me that the primary goal of the Democrats is 
keeping infanticide legally sanctioned in America.

This further makes me wonder just how many pro-choice politicians in
 our government have over the years become wealthy through investing
in the medical and science industries which have purchased the stem
cells and dismembered body parts of babies murdered in abortion clinics,
the former being obtained through the absolutely monstrous procedure
 known as a partial-birth abortion,  for "research purposes".

In my opinion, these "investments"  being purchased through the 
wholesale slaughter of innocent babies makes those involved no
worse than Dr. Josef Mengele, the infamous "Angel of Death"
at Auschwitz concentration camp, who performed heinous
"research" on the prisoners there.  And this torture 
included precious little children too.

"Please be my voice!"

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