Friday, June 29, 2018

On My Mind: The Sanctity Of Life

"As you know not what is the way of the wind,
or how the spirit comes to the bones in the womb
of a pregnant woman, even so you know not the
work of God Who does all."
Ecclesiastes 11:5


In a 5-4 ruling on Tuesday the Supreme Court of the United States
decided that a California law requiring pro-life crisis pregnancy centers
to advertise information about abortion violates their First Amendment
right of freedom of speech and expression.

Under this same law, the state did not require abortion clinics to post
pro-life alternatives to abortion which does not surprise me. I agree with
the Reverend Franklin Graham who recently opined that California,
more than any other state in the union, "sadly reflects the ungodly
secular agenda of progressives who have gained control over
much of the Golden States's affairs."

But aside from state mandates targeting pro-life crisis pregnancy centers
 what really disturbs me is the number of Americans who claim that
they are freedom-loving patriots who support the validity of the
constitutional rights of all Americans, especially in regards to
issues like free speech and gun ownership, and yet, they see
nothing wrong with supporting the abortion industry in this nation.

I believe that the US Constitution was written to protect the freedom
of all Americans, including the most defenseless ones in the womb.
The longstanding argument of feminists and the pro-choice movement is 
that any legislation written to curb the number of abortions being
performed in America is an automatic setback for "reproductive
rights" not to mention that less abortions will somehow deprive
women, especially those living in poverty, of adequate healthcare.

  This argument is as false as it is selfish.
Mainly because abortion has nothing to do with healthcare!
Abortion is the deliberate taking of human life.
Abortion is murder.

Furthermore, the very existence of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers
 operating in California and elsewhere in this nation proves that there is an
  alternative to having an abortion.  These centers not only focus
 on the overall health and well-being of the unborn child,
but on the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the mother
with nonjudgmental love and compassion, much in the same way
Christ offers His unconditional love and mercy to the
lost and hurting of this world.

On a more personal note, I will never forget the time twenty years
ago when I  found out I was pregnant with my second child. 
Although this baby was not planned, I was pleasantly surprised
to be expecting again.  A few months into my pregnancy,
I went for a series of routine blood tests required by my doctor. I was
thirty four years old at the time and he informed me that because
of my age he felt these tests were necessary.

I remember I went to the doctor's office for the tests on a Tuesday
morning.  Two days later, I was in the middle of doing some housecleaning
when the phone rang.  It was the nurse from my doctor's office who
informed me that one of the tests I had taken had come back with
a positive reading for Down Syndrome.

At that moment, my whole world stopped.

I could feel the fear rising inside me as I tried to calmly carry on further
conversation with the nurse who wanted me to make an appointment
at an area pregnancy clinic for amniocentesis and an ultrasound.
I refused the first procedure outright due to the risk of having a miscarriage,
but I agreed to the ultrasound.  After I made the appointment I called
my mother with the news.  I was shaking with fear and crying, but,
my mother calmed me down and offered to take me to my appointment.
She later called my older sister and told her the news. My sister informed Mom
  that she had been offered the same test when she was pregnant with her last child,
but refused to take it because if the test is not performed in the exact
sixteenth week of pregnancy it often results in a false positive reading.

I was not sure how far along I was when I took the test,
 and I tried not to think of what lied ahead as I watched
  the emerging spring landscape along the highway
  on the way to my appointment the following week.

 Like the budding of new leaves on the trees
and new patches of green grass growing along the median,
 to everything there is a season.  I knew that whatever happened, 
God was in control of the situation.

The earnest prayer of my heart was that if I was to be the
mother of a child with special needs, that He would bless me
with the strength and the grace to bear up and be the best
mother I could possibly be to this precious baby whose
little feet I could feel kicking gently in my womb.

 During the ultrasound, the medical technician who performed
the procedure told me, "I have looked at several different images 
 of your baby and everything looks okay to me."
A doctor at the clinic later confirmed what he said was true.
Even though I felt greatly relieved, for the rest of my pregnancy
I still worried.  Yet, I  just as often remembered the words
of the psalmist who wrote: "My times are in Your hands."

On October 27, 1998 I gave birth to my second son, Aaron Matthew.
 He was a strong and beautiful and perfectly healthy baby,
who tipped the scale at a strapping 9.6 lbs.!

Looking back on this time of trial in my life, 
 I often wonder how many women, upon hearing
the dreadful news I did concerning my unborn child,
would have succumb to fear or societal pressure
and would have opted to abort the child. 

I well remember how certain feminists in America
took former Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate,
Sarah Palin to task for giving birth to her youngest child,
son Trig, who was born with Down Syndrome.
But unlike them, Sarah is a strong advocate for life, and a
woman of unshakable faith, who knows that God
has a special plan and purpose for her precious son.

As a little boy, my Aaron loved playing outdoors, riding his bike,
climbing trees, racing down to the end of our driveway to watch
the freight train pass by, and occasionally pulling off a daredevil stunt, 
like jumping off the roof of the shed in the backyard and high
into the air pretending he was a superhero, much to the
horror of his mother, who just happen to look out the
back door at the same time.  He made a perfect two
point landing, despite the fact that he was wearing a
pair of his father's old, over-sized work boots on his feet!

 Aaron has since grown from an energetic and curious
  little boy into a responsible and thoughtful young man,
who today stands nearly six feet tall, and, who just
  graduated from high school last Friday night in the pouring rain!

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