Friday, August 24, 2018

On My Mind: Another Bible Study Under Attack

A Virginia man was recently denied the right to conduct a
Bible study in his home.   Ken Hauge, a retired Lutheran minister,
and a resident of Evergreens at Smith Run in Fredericksburg, was
asked by several residents to hold a Bible study in the facility's
Community Room.  After the pastor payed a $100 deposit, the
 manager of the senior housing complex initially agreed
 to allow Pastor Hauge to conduct the Bible study, but
 then told him he would have to change the name of it
from a "Bible" to "Book " study.

According to a report by CBN, in July of this year,
 Evergreens at Smith Run complex adopted a new
 measure prohibiting the use of the Community
Room to anyone engaged in "religious activities".

That  very same day, Pastor Hauge and his wife received an 
 eviction notice saying the realtor considered their Bible study
 a "business practice" which is a violation of their lease.
 The notice also informed the pastor that unless
  he stopped the Bible study, his lease would
 terminate on August 31, 2018.

However, attorneys from the First Liberty Institute, working 
 on behalf of Pastor Hauge, charge that the actions of the complex
are in violation of the federal Fair Housing Act, which
prohibits discrimination based on religious beliefs.

Associate counsel for First Liberty Lea Patterson had this
to say regarding the case: "It's frightening that a management
company would use the threat of eviction to stop residents from
meeting together to discuss any issue, let alone their faith.
The unequal treatment of citizens in the community simply
out of hostility to religion violates federal law and taints
Virginia's long history of religious freedom."

I am further curious as to who is really behind 
the banning of this harmless Bible study.  Was the action of the 
Evergreens to ban their Community Room from those engaging
in "religious activities" the result of another resident's complaint?

On the Evergreens at Smith Run website more than several
reviewers have posted negative comments against the facility
saying that the management discriminates against Christians
and that no one should have to live in such an intolerant environment.

One reviewer simply wrote: "Let the Bible study continue!"
while yet another insisted that Pastor Hauge and his wife can
still conduct their Bible group inside their  own apartment.
However other reports suggest that the pastor has been forbidden
to hold a Bible study in both the Community Room and
within the privacy of his own apartment, that latter of which 
 is patently absurd and a clear violation of his privacy,
not to mention his Constitutional rights to freedom
of speech, expression, and religion.

Pastor Hauge has since suspended the Bible study for the time being
while attorneys work on his case.  Personally, I think this is outrageous,
and not just a violation of his First Amendment rights, but clear and
 tangible evidence of the spirit of Antichrist at work in America today.

"The Spirit of Antichrist"
Derek Prince

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