Thursday, August 9, 2018

To A Star Seen At Twilight

Skywatcher Cory Poole captured this photograph of Venus and Jupiter
in the evening skies over Redding, California in 2012.

Hail solitary star!
That shinest from thy far blue height,
And overlookest Earth
And Heaven, companionless in light!
The rays around thy brow
Are an eternal wreath for thee;
Yet thou'rt proud, like man
Though thy broad mirror is the sea,
And thy calm home eternity!

Shine on, night-bosomed star!
And through its realms thy soul's eye dart,
And count each age of light,
For their eternal wheel thou art
Thou dost roll into the past days,
Year, and ages too,
And naught thy giant progress stays.

I love to gaze upon
Thy speaking face, thy calm, fair brow,
And feel my spirit dark
And deep, grow bright and pure as thou.
Like thee it stands alone:
Like thee its native home is night,
But there the likeness ends,-
It beams not with thy steady light.
Its upward path is high,
But not so high as thine-thou'rt far
Above the reach of clouds,
Of storms, of wreck, oh lofty star!

I would all men might look
Upon thy pure sublimity,
And in their bosoms drink
Thy loveliness and light like me;
For who in all the world
Could gaze upon thee thus, and feel
Aught in his nature base,
Or mean, or low, around him steal!

Shine on companionless
As now thou seem'st. Thou art the throne
Of thy own spirit, star!
And mighty things must be alone.
Alone the ocean heaves,
Or calms his bosom into sleep;
Alone each mountain stands
Upon its basis broad and deep;
Alone through the heavens comets sweep,
Those burning worlds which God has thrown
Upon the universe in wrath,
As if He hated them-their path
No stars, no suns may follow, none-
'Tis great, 'tis great to be alone!

"To A Star Seen At Twilight"
John Rollin  Ridge
Also known as Cheesquatalawny and Yellow Bird
Writer and poet of the Cherokee Nation

 Founding editor of "The Sacramento Bee" and
author of "The Life and Adventures of Joaquin Murrieta"
The first novel written by an American Indian in America.

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