Saturday, August 18, 2018

On My Mind: The Immigration Situation Will Not Correct Itself


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
The future face of the Democratic Party?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who recently won
 the 14th congressional district
 in New York City in the state's primary election, 
and who no one had ever heard of when she came on
 the political scene only a few months ago,
 has turned out to be a card-carrying member
 of the Democratic Socialists of America. 
 She has been touted by the news media 
as one of the "New Guard" of the Democratic Party.  

By backing Ms. Ocasio-Cortez,
 the DNC has clearly revealed that their
 true blue colors are actually blood red.
  Red as in embracing the Marxist platform
  of the political Far Left as their own.

A little research into this extreme branch
 of the Democratic Party has revealed that the DSA
 not only favors eliminating capitalism,
 but, that GOVERNMENT should "democratize" private businesses,
 or force the owners to give control of their businesses over to the workers. 

The DSA believes that the overthrowing
 of our free-market society, which supports and values
 the individual's freedom of ideas and expression,
 and encourages competition,
 will obliterate the class distinction between the wealthy, 
or whom they deem as wealthy,  and the working poor, 
whom socialists love to exploit  for their cause
 of creating the supposed utopia of the "classless society"
 where everyone is equal and the government will
 make all the decisions-from cradle to grave-for your life.

The American ideals of faith, family, and especially freedom
 are in direct conflict with the draconian ideology behind the
 seemingly benevolent face of modern Socialism,
 which, as we have witnessed over the years, 
has only achieved marginal success
 after instigating violent political and social upheaval
 in countries like Cambodia, Cuba and Algeria, 
and most recently Venezuela. 
 Socialism and it's conjoined sister, Communism,
 have never delivered on the promise of
 'prosperity through equality'
 mainly because it is a false promise.
 What these political systems have 
accomplished over the last three centuries 
has resulted in the enslavement and
 murder of millions of people all over the world.

 Furthermore, the SDA  supports and encourages radical groups
which have caused a lot of trouble in this nation and these include elements of
the Black Lives Matter movement, activist gay and lesbian rights groups, and
more recently, radical factions of  immigration reform, which includes a demand
for our government to establish an "open borders" policy and the abolishment of
ICE or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau.

Anyone who argues or opposes the actions of these radical groups are
deemed as 'racist' or "homophobic" or accused of being a 'white supremacist.'
As one writer recently opined, "President Trump is apparently convinced
that all drug dealers are Latin Americans."  This is the type of unnecessary
speculation spewed by the anti-Trump crowd that makes the national
headlines, thus stirring up more anger and resentment, which is the
intended goal of his detractors in the news media.  There is an old
saying which goes, "The pen is mightier than the sword". This is true.
Although President Trump has outed the deception within the mainstream
media more than once, the damage has already been done.
No retraction will ever substitute for the truth.

The day before she won her district in the primary election, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez 
visited the US-Mexican border where she called for her supporters to "occupy"
the offices of ICE in protest of alleged human rights abuses at the border.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the very idea of someone promoting the
abolishment of immigration and customs officials, as well as "open borders" 
 for America is a dangerous concept, especially in regards to our 
continued sovereignty as a nation and the welfare of our people.

We need law and order in our land but especially in defense of
our national borders with Mexico and with Canada.
 The respect for law enforcement and others in positions of authority
 has been diminished in America due in part to the growing influence
 of Far Left groups like the SDA and others.  I've heard of
border patrol agents responsible for separating the children from their
parents and placing the former in detention centers called names like
 "southern border Gestapo" as well as comparisons of the Trump
Administration to Nazi Germany.  It is so easy for those who have
not experienced what it is like to be an ICE agent working at the border
to unfairly criticize and judge the actions of these men and women who
 put their lives on the line every day to keep the American people safe.

Did anyone ever stop to think that perhaps these children, whom we have
since learned were not "locked in dog cages" at the border, are being detained in
these centers by our government to protect them until they can be reunited
with their parents or legal guardians?  Whether people like it or not, 
the parents and guardians of these children have violated US immigration
laws by trying to enter our nation illegally.  Should our government just
separate the parents from their children and then let the kids roam the
streets of the area alone and unsupervised, making them subject to
possible accidents or encounters with criminals?

Furthermore,  for Americans living along the border, aside
from dealing with vicious drug-dealers and gangs menacing their communities, 
many have witnessed the terrible results of  the countless men, women, and children
desperate to escape the horrible poverty and political upheaval in their
own nations (most of which in Latin America and recently Mexico,
have repeatedly voted socialist regimes into power)
getting involved with smugglers, who promise to bring them here
to start new and better lives only to rob them of what little funds
they might have and leave them out in the wilderness near the border
to wander lost for days and eventually die from the heat and dehydration.
Or leaving them locked inside a trailer to suffocate to death.
What about the many young women and girls who've been lured into coming 
here with the promise of employment only to be forced into the nightmare 
 of sex trafficking and prostitution? 

Furthermore, unlike the Left would have you believe, this
ongoing immigration situation is not about racial discrimination.
It is about hatching their overt scheme to destabilize and to destroy
America and the use of unchecked immigration as one of the
methods of their madness (just look at what the same thing
has done to much of Europe these days), 
to declare our Constitution as null and void, and to
strip away the rights and freedoms granted to all Americans
through our Founding Fathers, but, especially to forever obliterate
the profound and sustaining truth that America was a nation founded on
the precepts of Jehovah God, the Holy Bible, and the proclamation of prayer 
 spoken by the Christian firstlanders at Cape Henry, Virginia in 1607, 
 who, in their humble thanksgiving for reaching dry land after weeks at sea,
 dedicated our fair land to the Lord Jesus Christ.

In addition to an extended border wall, we need ICE, as well as 
added security measures to prevent more terrible crimes from happening.
President Trump has inherited a vast and difficult situation from his
predecessors, yet he is determine to make America great again.
 And although his 'zero tolerance' policy concerning illegal immigration
might sound drastic, and even draconian to some in our nation,
 I believe it was a step in the right direction.

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